Unnati partners with Government of Karnataka and ExxonMobil for vocational training of 5,000 college students

Bengaluru: Unnati, a Bengaluru-based vocational training and social transformation foundation for the underprivileged youth, has partnered with Karnataka Skill Development Corporation (Department of Industrial Training & Employment), Government of Karnataka and ExxonMobil to extend vocational training to 5,000 students this year.

Students of various government colleges will be trained for free under UNXT, a program by Unnati for final year students from government degree, ITI, diploma, and professional degree colleges. The duration of UNXT, is about 165 hours (including blended learning), spread over 30 days. The offline sessions in the classroom amount to almost 90 hours with 3-hour classes daily. The online modules account for 75 hours, wherein over 600 short videos and over 3000 questions are available to help the youth.

Addressing the press conference, Ramesh Swamy, Director, Unnati, said, “The intensive training program is in line with the NSDC curriculum for soft skills. Unnati has MOUs signed with the Department of Collegiate Education (DCE) Karnataka, Department of Industrial Training and Employment (DITE) Karnataka and Karnataka State Skill Development Corporation, for implementing the VTP and the UNXT programs across Karnataka.”

He also said Unnati wants to collaborate with more industries for placements. It is also creating a directory of skilled human resources that would help industries hire. The proposed directory would have the Unnati trained youth, including their video resume that would speed up the recruitment. The same would be made available to all industries, including those located in rural areas. This would help industries choose the right candidates for jobs in their locality and thus check migration from rural to urban areas.

Mr. Krishnamurthy, Executive Director, KSSDC said the aspirants can also opt for a residential facility during the training, which would be conducted across the state in the coming days. 

Mr. Naveen Shukla, Director, ExxonMobil, said that primacy has been given to skill development programmes that instil confidence among the students of government educational institutions. The training programmes help in improving communication skills, which are very much required for those in the private and government sectors. ExxonMobil is one of the largest partners now under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The company is training over 5000 youth during this financial year through Unnati. 

Mr. Halappa Shetty, Deputy Director, Department of Industrial Training and Employment, who was present, said that his department has been conducting various skill improvement training programs. Many ITI-passed students are getting benefits. Training in internet drafting, electric vehicles, robotics, welding, etc would be given to youth besides improving their capabilities through soft skills.

 “The department considers its association with the Unnati foundation important. It is appreciable that the foundation is conducting soft skills training for students,” he added.

There were a couple of youngsters who had undergone training at the Unnati and were now employed gainfully. One such person is Ms. Sushma, who is an employee of HP Company. She said, “I am a rural youth. When I came for the first time to Bengaluru, I didn’t even know which bus I had to take to reach my destination. Like many, I joined Unnati to get trained. I didn’t have many expectations from the training. But today I am comfortably facing the camera and speaking to you. The credit for building confidence in me goes to Unnati. I suggest rural youth make the best of the free Unnati training programs.”

Unnati, through its “Centre Model” (VTP) has 30 centres across the country and 16 centres in Karnataka alone (including Bengaluru). Unnati has designed a 35-day programme where financially and socially underprivileged youth in the age group of 18–25 years get training in various skills. It includes spoken English skills, life skills, value-based living, basic computer training and vocational training based on their educational background. In all, nearly 300 hours of training is imparted by dedicated staff, thus enabling inclusive growth by empowering families that are below the poverty line.

The Unnati program was started in the year 2003 and over the last 19 years transformed the lives of over 55,000 youths. What is unique to Unnati is the fact that the top management of the organisation is pro bono. 

For more details about Unnati and its activities, log on to https://unnatiblr.org/#

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