MLA Harshavardhan adopts a panther

Nanjangud: BJP MLA B Harshavardhan has adopted the maintenance of a black panther at the Mysuru zoo on the occasion of the release of Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar’s cinema “Gandhada Gudi’ and to commemorate the launch of the Dalit Panthers Movement in India. 

The MLA paid Rs 50,000 to the zoo authorities to adopt the panther for a year from October 28. He gave the details of the adoption in Nanjangud on Thursday. 

Extolling the virtues of the late actor Puneet Rajkumar, Harshavardhan said that the actor, in addition to spreading the glory of Karantaka’s language and culture, had exhibited his deep concern for the conservation of wildlife, the environment, and ecology. His last movie, Gandhada Gudi, was released on Friday. The Dalit Panthers Movement (DPM), an Ambedkarite social organisation to combat caste discrimination, was formed in 1972 in Maharastra. The association’s logo was also a black panther. The movement, inspired by Dr. B R Ambedkar, had fought against atrocities against Dalits and made a mark in India’s politics. In memory of the organisation as well as the actor, on behalf of the people of Nanjangud, the panther has been adopted, he pointed out.

Dr. Rajkumar, the doyen of the Kannada film industry, had a unique relationship with Nanjangud, which is part of Chamarajanagar district. He had visited the temple on many occasions. The entire family of Dr. Rajkumar shares a bond with Nanjangud. The temple town had also served as a filming location for Dr. Rajkumar’s sons Shivarajkumar and Puneeth Rajkumar. The government has declared Puneeth Rajkumar’s birthday as Inspiration Day (Spoorti Dina) across the state. His movie Beetada Hoo to Gandhada Gudi reflects his love for nature. Harshavardhan said it is an inspiration to young people. 

The MLA said one should realise that, like human beings, even birds and animals have every right to live. The Mysuru zoo has a variety of animals and birds. They have been managed well. The Mysuru zoo has a special place in the world, he said.

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