Connecting Smiles Foundation celebrated Diwali with Orphanage kids in the city

Bengaluru, 26th October 2022: Diwali is the time of the year in which everybody lights up kindness and generosity from their hearts. Connecting Smiles Foundation touched hundreds of little lives this diwali by celebrating a green and meaningful diwali with 400+ kids across 7 orphanages. As a twist to their regular celebrations; a gift of nature was given to each orphanage.

Out of tradition each child received new clothing and diyas, decorations, sweets and lights as a common gift to add flair to the 5 day celebration. In addition the organisation also gifted each child with a plant instilling the love for nature as well as teaching each child about responsibility. Manjula, founder of Aaryan Asharay comments, “I love seeing the children happy and as part of being a guardian I believe it is necessary for each child to have good values, this diwali with the help of Connecting Smiles Foundation, I was able to reach both my goal with ease.”

Sonia Sambhar, founder of Connecting Smiles Foundation shares her views on a green and meaningful diwali, “The true meaning of diwali lies in spreading the light of hope and happiness. The truly mesmerising sparkle in the eyes of the children was what truly made this diwali special for the whole team of connecting smiles foundation.”

The work put into celebrating diwali at 7 different centres really shows through the outstanding smiles of children at different orphanages. Connecting Smiles Foundation wishes to continue doing the needful for these children and hopes to provide them with a secure future.

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