Foot discoloration  should not be ignored;  this could be a sign of diabetes

Bangalore:  Do you have fungal infection in between your toes or corns and callus which aren’t healing despite several medications? Or have you been suffering from skin dryness or dis-coloration or any kind of numbness and burning sensation in your feet? Then, without any delay, you should undergo a diabetes/ sugar test.  This may not sound normal, as to why you should go for a diabetes test when you have a skin discoloration or a fungal infection? But experts have seen that 1 in 7 people with diabetes develop foot ulcer which if ignored, might even lead to foot amputations and leave you disabled for a lifetime.

Dr Sanjay Sharma, a renowned name in Podiatric Surgery in Bangalore & Founder of FootSecure – Foot & Ankle Clinics & Yostra Labs says, “Diabetes can damage the nerves, in particular those in the feet. Almost 50% of people with diabetes have Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN). Nerve damage may reduce people’s awareness to injuries and may lead to a foot ulcer. Foot problems are one of the most common complications of diabetes, and the most feared. The lifetime risk of diabetics developing a foot ulcer is 34%.”

The concern is alarming as the number of diabetes cases in India is rising rapidly with 1 in 11 adults being diagnosed with diabetes. Currently, about 77 million people are diabetic in India and there are about 425 million diabetic patients globally.

“Every 20 seconds a limb is lost due to diabetes and every second an ulcer is formed due to diabetes across the globe, of which 80 percent can be prevented with a podiatric intervention. As per recent reports there are 120,000 registered amputations per year in India due to diabetes. If we extrapolate the statistics from studies, we see about 14 lakh amputations per year in India. Further such patients are at a 40% higher risk of stroke and heart attack post amputation. 5 year mortality rate post amputation is 70 percent which is higher than cancer” he further stressed.

Relating about the recent cases which he had treated Dr Sanjay said: “A Pharmacist from Shimoga had come to my Centre few months ago.  He had a small blister in his foot and had taken treatment from the local hospital at Shimoga and later at a large medical college. After several days of treatment, the ulcer further deteriorated and there was an infection. He was said that he had to undergo limb amputation below the knee. It was then the gentleman came to me for a second opinion. We examined, went ahead with the needed medical intervention and now, with eight months on, his ulcers have healed, and a major amputation was averted.”

In yet another case, a 62-year-old man, a resident of Bangalore, had come to us for a second opinion as he was asked to undergo a foot amputation at another hospital. The condition of his foot was very bad. We conducted a vascular assessment and then an angioplasty, following which the required treatment was provided. But we had to remove his toes, however, a total limb amputation was prevented, and he can at least walk on his own, related Dr Sanjay.

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