An international summit on Sustainable Development – Global Challenges

An international summit on Sustainable Development – Global Challenges: aiming to transfer our world was held at AIMS Institutes, Bangalore held on 19th November 2022.

The summit was inaugurated by the chief guests from Sri Lanka are Lion Dr. M. Reginolld, Global Chairman, SUNFO and Dr. Deshapriya S. Wijetunge, Director General, SUNFO, Guests of Honour… and the others being Dr. Anand Kishore Kola, Professor, NIT, Warangal, Dr. D. A. Thejeswari, Director, Vydehi Institutions, Ms. Kavitha S Gowda, KAS, Executive Director, Karnataka Skill Development Corporation.
The Keynote speaker was Dr. Harikrishna Maram, Founder Chairman, Global Economic Forum. There were three plenary sessions on the following topics from the seventeen (17) of United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

  1. Quality Education: Inclusive, Equitable and life-long learning opportunities
  2. Life on Land: Protect, Promote and Restore Terrestrial Eco-System
  3. Decent work and Economic Growth: Inclusive and Sustainable Economic

Dignitaries who delivered at the panel discussion are as follows:
Dr. Sandhya Sastry, Professor, Bristol Business School, UK
Dr. Lata Lincoln, Founder and Director, Faith Welfare Society and CEO, Lincoln and Lindon Pvt. Ltd. Co.
Dr. Jayashree Nair, Dean – School of IT, Director-AIQAC, AIMS Institutes,
Mr. Ram Ramisetty, Senior Consultant, Environment and Sustainability Management, Dubai, UAE.
Dr. Shashi Kad, Founder and CEO, SAGE Sustainability.
Mr. Niranjan Khatri, Founder, I Sambhav, Bengaluru,
Mr. Vinay Kumar Shetty, Director, HR Services, Fidelitus Corporation.
Dr. Kiran Reddy, Founder-AIMS Institutes and Principal, AIMS received ‘Sustainable Diplomacy Governor’ award from SUNFO, Sri Lanka and the team.
Dr. Lata Lincoln was inducted as a new life member of SUNFO, along with seven members were inducted as “Sustainable Human Development Accelerators” from AIMS Institutes, namely, 1. Dr. Priyanandan Reddy COO, 2. Dr. Roja Reddy, Director, 3. Mr. Maneesh Reddy, Director, 4. Dr. Jayashree Nair, Director, School of IT & Director – AIQAC, 5. Ms. Anitha D, Program Manager of MSW 6. Dr. Sashikanth Reddy, Program Director, MCA and 7. Dr. Kalpana Jaya Krishnan, Director- AIMS School of Business.
‘United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Cooperate Partnership’, High Award of Recognition – International was presented to AIMS Institutes. Under the guidance of Dr. Harikrishna Maram, Founder & Chairman, Global Economic Forum, few students of AIMS Institutes who have been actively participated in GAU Valley creating a record of lighting one (1) lakh Desi Cow Dung Diyas, and to that affect the students were given certificates of recognition.

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