GLOBAL YOGA SUMMIT 2022 from 17-18, December 2022.

GLOBAL YOGA SUMMIT is organised by Rotary Bangalore Global Yoga Club under Rotary International Dist 3190 alongwith Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research and Holistic Health Trust, Bharat Vikas Sangam and Yoga University of The Americas, Miami Florida USA, on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18th December 2022. At Royal Archid Resorts and Convention Centre Yelahanka Bengaluru…With 50+ National and International Speakers, 100+ AYUSH Research Scholars from different Colleges and Universities, 1500+ Delegates…

Main Purpose

*I. To create 5000+ Yoga Volunteers to give Yoga knowledge to future generations by giving 36 hours of Yoga Teaching and *Certification from Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India at Very Nominal Cost.*

Under this long term project, we are considering following things..

a. Any School or College can join this program by paying just ₹300/- per student for all their students above 6th standard with minimum of 100 students, but before 10.12.2022 to make their School or College 100% Yoga Volunteers Certified School/College, who will be honoured by our Guests in our GLOBAL YOGA SUMMIT.

b. Any person or organisation or NGO or Charitable Trust, Rotary Clubs or Lions Clubs interested in Yoga Promotion, if they pay ₹300/- per student for 333 students before 10.12.2022, for conducting Yoga Volunteers Program in Govt Schools/Colleges, will be honoured by our Guests in our GLOBAL YOGA SUMMIT. They will also be getting rebate under sec 80(g) of IT Act.

*II. To release *Science of Pranayama Compendium written by Dr Devaki Madhav of Mysore* in the present GLOBAL YOGA SUMMIT 2022, in the series of publishing many Compendiums on different subjects like

1. Relevance of Bhagavad Gita in the Past, Present and Future by Sri Ranga Krishna our PhD student from Mysore and Sri Narayanananda Swamiji from Ashram near Kanakapura

2. Acupuncture in Rural India as Bare Foot Doctors by Dr Sami Ullah from Bangalore

3. Garbha Sanskar Yoga by
Dr. Andal Lakshmi from Chennai, for getting Child of Choice with Normal Delivery.

4. Mano (Mind) Yoga by Dr Vishwanath from Bangalore, to address the problems of Mind.

5. Natya Yoga and Dance Therapy by Smt Monica Khialani from Mumbai.

III. To Give Experience of Many Drugless Therapies to our Delegates from experts in the field.

IV. To introduce various National and International expert Speakers in the various fields in Yoga, who have contributed many things by their Research, Service and Experience of Teaching at National and International Level. Some of them with Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushana Award from Govt of India.

V. To introduce and motivate 50+ Research Scholars in AYUSH and their papers to Support their Research in their Subjects.

No spot Registration and Registration closes on 10.12.2022 or after the delegates registration becomes 1200, whichever is earlier.

For Registration they can use QR Code given in the Flyer or Our Website

City Today News – 9341997936

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