The Parikrma Champions League (PCL) is back! This year also marks the 10th anniversary of PCL

At the KSFA Bangalore Football Stadium – 16 teams (including teams from Goa and Hyderabad) on December 11, 12 and 13, 2022

  It is that time of the year! We have been organising The Parikrma Champions League for years, breaking stereotypes and creating a level playing field for children from various backgrounds to celebrate football together. What started as a school football tournament is now recognised by the Karnataka State Football Association and All India Football Federation as one of the best Under-16 football tournaments in the country. Sixteen teams from all over India will battle it for the Equality Cup™. 

Every year, PCL is conducted at one of the best stadiums, with the best facilities, such as artificial turf, a players’ tunnel and an electronic scoreboard. The tournament always attracts star players and corporate leaders as guests. The players are provided with proper nutrition and healthcare facilities (including an ambulance at venues on all three days). 

Many years have passed, and we are proud to share with you positive

transformation stories (from the recent past) that reaffirm our belief and efforts in this movement: 

  • The Parikrma Girls Football club has grown tremendously. This year, we have had girls from the remotest parts of India join the Club. 
  • Many of our alums have registered and obtained admissions to colleges offering sports management, and a few are training to be a coach.
  • A few alumni have started a sports management company called Rapt Sports, and another, having received their B and C certification, has started the Sports Academy in Bengaluru.  
  • Our alum, Maeraba ( taekwondo champion and footballer), has started a fitness studio in the city.

What to expect at PCL 2022?

  • The Coaches’ Pledge – where all participating coaches pledge fair play.
  • A special exhibition mixed match (both girls and boys).
  • Creating Players’ professional tunnels – Young players will feel like real professionals as they walk onto the field through a tunnel, being cheered on by crowds.
  • Outstanding individual performances and skills awarded. 
  • The exhibition match is on the morning of the finals. Spotters will identify the most skilled players from 16 teams to form a Parikrma All-Star team that will take on CEOs of Bengaluru’s leading corporate companies in a 20-minute exhibition match.
  • To raise the game’s level each year, the matches this year will have 20-minute halves, the Semi-Finals will be 25 minutes, and the Finals will have 30-minute halves. The Parikrma Champions League 2022 will be a ranking tournament for the top 8 teams who will move into the Quarter Finals after the league stage.

“Each year, we have grown, evolved, and unceasingly worked towards making PCL one of the best state-of-the-art football tournaments in the city. Through this platform, we want to keep the spirit and passion of this much-beloved sport alive. We also persistently shed light on the importance and benefits of sports in schools and highlight the need for equality – as our Cup for the tournament, each year is rightfully called – The Equality Cup,” expresses founder Shukla Bose.

We thank the Karnataka State Football Association and the Bangalore State Football Association for providing the stadium and for their tremendous support. A big thank you to our key supporters Plaeto, Inventure Academy, Embassy, Identiti and Rapid Sports Fitness.

Event: Parikrma Champions League (PCL) 2022

When: 11, 12 13 December 2022

Where: Bangalore Football Stadium, Ashoknagar

– Parikrama Humanity Foundation.

City Today News – 9341997936

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