Indian Silk Gallwey Expo

Indian Silk Handloom and Hand Crafted sarees are emblem of Fashion since time immemorial and nowhere in the World has such huge diversified mesmerized Silk known for its intricate Crafted skill and sheer Beauty.

However in recent time we find there is a declined in Handloom due to its very Nature of work like spending long laborious hours. Poor working condition, lack of marketing avenues. Low productivity and competitions from the organized powerlooms

There is an urgent need to Promote Handlooms addressing all issues plaguing it and bring back its Glory. One of the way to address the issue is to Provide Marketing and Promotional Avenues to the Handloom Sector.

This Indian Silk Gallery is committed towards upliftment of the Weaving Community by giving them a Platform i.e. Indian Silk Gallery Expo where they can sell their Handloom Products directly to the consumers without any middle man.

This Indian Silk Gallery Expo is organising mainly to extend and Provide marketing avenues Handloom Weavers / Artisans and also to Help them in diversifying Product development according to trends.

Today this Expo will Starts from 14th to 20th Dec 2022 (7 Days) @ Safina Plaza, Infantry Road Bengaluru. This Expo Inaugurated by Ms. Namitha Rao. Actress, Dancer, Host, Singer, Choreographer.

All the consumers are welcome and Experience the Magic of Weaves and Explore the mesmerizing Product’s Directly from Manufacturer. Societies and Retailers.

City Today News – 9341997936

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