IKEA has launched their global Life at Home report 2022 yesterday.

IKEA has been on a journey for the past 80 years to understand people’s relationships with their homes and how IKEA can become an enabler for a better everyday life at home. To further strengthen its position as the leader in Life at Home, IKEA announced the launch of its annual Life at Home report in India with the theme ‘Make Yourself at Home’.


IKEA’s annual Life at Home Report is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind, involving qualitative and quantitative research into the views, needs and dreams of people all over the world. This year, over 37000 people from close to 35+ countries were asked to share their experiences and thoughts on mental well-being and life at home. The report doesn’t just capture data, but there is an effort by the brand to bring in empathy and understanding into the research. IKEA wants to play a difference in people’s lives by the help of their report findings. This report is aimed at finding solutions that ease the stresses and celebrate the different ways people live at home so that everyone can all feel like themselves at home. 


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