Economic Thought and Contributions of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar

It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you that AMBEDKAR ECONOMICS FOUNDATION (R) has organized an one day International Conference on “Economic Thought and Contributions of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar” is organized in collaboration with B,BASAVALINGAPPA INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES Bangalore University, Bangalore on 25th February 2023 at 10.30 am on the eve of commemorating 100 years of the “The Problem of The Rupee” by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.

The book focused on the problem of rupee and its solution to the then period. While doing so, it examines a number of issues involved in the stability of the rupee, in terms of currency standard during the British India. The prevalent standard was Double Standard to a Silver Standard and converted to Gold Standard, Gold Exchange Standard. During its implementation, the major problem was its stability.

Even now, Indian rupee faces the instability due to volatility in the Global Market. The factors responsible for this situation are: supply squeeze of oil and oil products from OPEC and other Gulf Countries, prolonged war between Russia and Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath. As a result, there has been a continuous slide in the value of Indian rupee. Its Solution lies with the RBIs Monetary Policy Committee. Several measures have been initiated to prevent further deterioration. As per recent prediction by the IMF, there would be a recession world over and India is no exception to this.

Looking at both from the angles of ‘Now and Then’, Indian Currency – the rupee and its problem of stability has remained significant even to this day. It was the thought of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar a century ago. Keeping this in view, on the occasion of International Conference, well-renowned Academicians in the discipline, Researchers and other well versed Scholars are invited to participate and deliberate on various economic perspectives of Babasaheb Dr B.R Ambedkar. The conference organizers look forward for your participation in the Conference.

International Conference on “Economic Thoughts and Contributions of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar” to be held on 25th February 2023 at 10.30am at Jnana jyothi Auditorium Bengaluru City University.Bengaluru. Conference will be inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri, Basavaraja S Bommai and other his cabinet colleagues will be present on the day.

Hence, we request all the respected members of media to publish this and give wide publicity for the success of program. And also, we are inviting entire team of all the respected media to come and participate in the same and make it a grand successful said Dr. Devanand, Founder president – AMBEDKAR Economics Foundation (R)

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