Lithos witnessed a grand Holi celebration ruling out difference in caste & creed amidst colours

Mantri Lithos Cultural Committee Organised HOLI– the Festival of colours which marks the arrival of Spring and harbinger of joy and festivities and unifier of hearts was celebrated Online which according to Lunar Calendar falls on 8th March 2023.
This popular spring festival, is a celebration about happiness, love, colour, and the triumph of good over evil. The vibrant colors of Holi signify the joy of the arrival of spring after winter and all the new colours blooming in nature. It is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest. The joy of playing with colours with the loved ones, and feasting on delicious festive food fills the heart with excitement.

On this occasion Shobha Hulluraiah – Lithos Cultural Committee head. Said, Vibrant colors bring the communities together in the traditional celebration of Holi, where differences between individuals, jati, varna, creed, languages and regions disappear. Now, we are creating a new American tradition, United Colors of Holi, to bring the communities of all colors, races, nationalities and ethnicities together during the week of Holi.

“United Colors of Holi is a beautiful undertaking and exemplifies the true nature of this sacred and joyous Hindu festival – the underlying unity in the pluralist and diverse traditions within Hinduism. It welcomes all regardless of social, economic, religious or political backgrounds to celebrate and put aside negativities and animosity. We respect the divinity that exists in all and everything around us through the festival of Holi. This spirit is much needed more than anything today.” said, Shobha Hulluraiah – Lithos Cultural Committee head.

Lithos witnessed a grand Holi celebrations ruling out difference in caste & creed amidst colours,variety of lip smacking delicacies,rain dance ,music.

City Today News – 9341997936

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