Dezerv launches a campaign to urge investors to review their portfolios through its Wealth Monitor app

Investors have missed INR 150Cr in gains, it’s time to get your portfolio reviewed by experts

Dezerv launches a campaign to urge investors to review their portfolios through its Wealth Monitor app

25th April 2023, Mumbai: Tracking the markets and ascertaining the optimal level of diversification and performance in investments is a common struggle for many individuals. Most Individuals lack the time and expertise required to effectively track their portfolios and make informed decisions. Consequently, portfolios may become overdiversified and/or underperform. Fortunately, Dezerv, one of India’s fastest growing investments platforms, has launched a new video campaign highlighting the need of having your portfolio reviewed by a team of expert investment professionals. Dezerv delivers this through its user-friendly Wealth Monitor app that provides investors with a simple and effective way to review their portfolio, receive a comprehensive analysis of their holdings, and obtain actionable insights for corrective actions.

Dezerv’s Wealth monitor app has identified over INR 150 Cr in missed gains among the portfolios that have been reviewed. Interestingly, 1 out of 4 mutual fund portfolios in India are not optimally diversified is what the company has noted. This reinforces the need for timely review and corrective actions while managing your portfolio. The app currently has over thousands of users and has over INR 2885Cr in assets under tracking (AUT).

The recently launched video campaign has been conceptualized and created by Dezerv and Bombay Locale. One of the videos showcases 2 kinds of people on a holiday – one who is stressed about his investments because of some change in the market and one who is confident about his investments, and how they navigate a stressful market situation on a holiday. The aim of the video is to showcase the peace of mind investors can have if they rely on experts with their money.

Link to the video-

Commenting on the campaign, Sandeep Jethwani, Co-founder and CEO of Dezerv, said “As the market landscape continues to evolve, you require a dedicated team of experts who can navigate through the uncertainties and deliver consistent results. We at Dezerv recognize this as the need of the hour and are committed to providing all investors with the opportunity to create long-term wealth. Through our #reviewed by experts campaign, we want to reinforce this very message that helps enable our mission further”

The company is one of the first few companies in India to receive the ISO 27001:2013 certification. Dezerv has analyzed over INR 4800 crores of assets and handled over INR 2000 crores of investments entrusted by their clients, and now operates from three major cities in India – Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru.

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