Fifth Edition of “The Real Woman Awards” 2023 Recognises “Power Women” of Construction Industry

May 12, 2023; Bangalore: The Real Woman Awards 2023 concluded on May 12th, honoring the accomplishments of 28 exceptional women entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the construction industry. The event, held at the luxurious Hotel Royal Orchid, Golf Avenue in Bangalore, showcased the inspiring achievements of these trailblazing women in a field that has long been dominated by men.
The construction industry has witnessed a significant increase in women’s participation in recent years. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, women now make up around 10% of the construction workforce, with more women taking on leadership roles in various sub-sectors, and some of this growth is to the credit of this amazing initiative of recognizing the contribution of Women Entrepreneurs of the Industry.

The 5th edition of “The Real Woman Awards” aimed to acknowledge and promote these achievements, encouraging more women to join the construction sector and contribute to its growth.
The gala event welcomed distinguished guests of honor, Ms. Hemamalini Uppoor, Vice President of Tata Realty; Ms. Shibanee Sagar, Co-founder of Total Environment; and Ms. Mamata Rao, Dean of NID-Bengaluru. Their presence emphasized the importance of mentorship and leadership in supporting women’s career advancement in the construction industry.

Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, CEO of RR Kabel Ltd, and Ms. Anjan Mukherjee, Commercial National Head of Lutron India, delivered thought-provoking presentations, highlighting the need for greater gender diversity in all business segments and the value it brings to the industry.

The 28 awardees, selected by a well-appointed Jury, for their outstanding achievements across various construction-related fields, were celebrated as role models for the next generation of female construction professionals. This recognition not only honored their accomplishments but also served as a platform for networking and collaboration among women entrepreneurs in the construction sector.
In a world where women still face significant barriers to entry and advancement in traditionally male-dominated industries, the 5th annual Real Woman Awards 2023 provided a stage for these trailblazers to showcase their success and inspire others. By honoring their hard work, determination, and innovation, the event aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse construction industry that benefits everyone.

This initiative is the brain child of Ms. Sheetal Bhilkar of UBSC, a renowned MEP consulting company from Mumbai and serial entrepreneur Mr. Vijay Dalwani of Harmony Events.
For more information about The Real Woman Awards 2023 and the awardees, please visit

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