Milaap Celebrates ‘Cancer Survivors Day’ in Bengaluru with Hair Donation Drive & Cancer Survivors’ Meet-up

Bengaluru, June 4, 2023: To commemorate National Cancer Survivors Day, Milaap, India’s largest crowdfunding platform held a day-long event to support the cancer survivors from the city in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society Bangalore and Bangalore Hair Donation. The programme began with a hair donation drive in a city-based salon. It was followed by a meet-up event for cancer survivors, their families and the donors to create awareness on the condition, and celebrate their courage and resilience in their recuperation journey. It concluded with a session of laughter yoga and a musical performance by a young artist.

According to estimates, India had a whopping 14,61,427 cancer cases last year. Data shows that one in nine people in India are likely to develop cancer in their lifetime. While women are more likely to be affected by breast cancers and men by lung cancers, lymphoid leukaemia is the most common form of cancer in children. The incidence of cancer cases is estimated to increase by 12.8% in 2025 as compared to 2020. Lipi Cinderella, 10 year old donated and become bald for the cancer cause and Akshita Mengi Music artist from Bangalore entertained the audience at the Milaap event.

National Cancer Survivors day is observed every year to acknowledge people with a history of cancer. The day aims to raise awareness of the challenges the cancer survivors and their families undergo, and yet live life to the best of their abilities. At the event this afternoon, people in attendance shared personal stories of diagnosis, long-lasting effects of the disease, emotional turmoil, and focused on how a community comes together to support them in their recuperation journey. It ended with people participating in laughter yoga, a concept that helps people heal through laughter, especially when they are suffering from stressful conditions like cancer.

Anoj Viswanathan, President and Co-Founder, Milaap said, “At Milaap, we are humbled and honoured to have been trusted to help cancer survivors across the country – right from their diagnosis to their treatment, and subsequent long-term care. This year’s theme of the National Cancer Survivors Day is ‘Close the Care Gap’ and we urge everyone to support cancer warriors and their families in any form they can.”
Speaking of the hair donation drive, he added, “It is heart-warming to see people show up for each other and go out of their comfort zone to bring solace to someone in pain. We would like to thank all the volunteers who donated their hair and made this day even more special.”

Dr. Javeria Fathima who attended the event from the Indian Cancer Society, said, “National Cancer Survivors Day is a reminder that cancer does not define us; it is our unwavering spirit and determination that shines through. It is a celebration of the milestones achieved, the battles fought, and the victories won. “

Milaap is a trusted name when it comes to financing cancer care in India. Over the last decade, the platform has impacted several lives in medical emergencies, and has successfully helped fundraise for treating cancer and the subsequent long-term care of all age groups. Milaap is preferred by users for crowdfunding in a seamless and secure way and helps those in times of need.

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