8 CMRIT students get to intern with Amazon

The pandemic blues might have robbed students of their golden time on college campuses for months. But it has not taken away internship and job opportunities for talented engineering students at CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.

Amazon has selected eight engineering students for internships. While 5 students are from the computer science stream, 3 are from information science. The company is paying Rs. 80,000 as an internship stipend. The internship period is for 6 months, according to a press statement from Mr. Lakshman Malla, Placement Director, Career Guidance & Placement Bureau, CMRIT.

Amazon will not stop at just providing internships. Those who successfully complete the internship will get a full-time job at Amazon. The fixed salary component would be Rs. 25 lakh per annum, besides other benefits.

It is not that CMRIT students are getting internships in prestigious companies. They are also getting job offers. Along with attending online classes, they have been successfully bagging lucrative job offers from top companies. The recruitment process for the 2020 and 2021 batches also continued, with total offers touching 800.

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