Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital Offers Free Eye Checkup for Women on International Women’s Day

  • In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the hospital conducts free eye checkup for women till March 31, 2023, across all its branches in Bengaluru. For registration, contact 080-48193435

Bengaluru, 6th March 2023: In celebration of International Women’s Day, Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, one of India’s largest networks of eye hospitals, is offering free eye checkups for women of all age groups across all its 11 branches in Bengaluru till 31st March 2023. This special initiative is aimed at raising awareness about the various eye diseases and disorders that women are at a higher risk of developing, such as ocular manifestations of autoimmune diseases, dry eye, low vision, thyroid eye diseases, and refractive errors.

Dr. Archana S, Regional Head- Clinical Services, Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, stated that “Biological sex differences affect ocular structure, gene expression, and other functions of the eye that influence eye health. Hence, it is important for women to undergo regular eye checkups to detect any eye disease or disorder at an early stage.”

Dr. Archana S also added, “About 80% of those affected by autoimmune issues are women. Eye inflammation is one of the many possible effects of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, Reiter’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and uveitis. Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder, which results in overproduction of the thyroid hormone affects more women than men. Thyroid eye diseases affect 16 in 100,000 women, while only 3 in the male population of equal size.”

Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital has made special arrangements for screening and diagnosing such eye diseases and disorders that women are more susceptible to. The hospital’s month-long awareness campaign aims to educate women about the risks of eye diseases that arise from factors exclusive to them, such as hormonal surges during pregnancy and menopause, and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases.

Women can register for a free eye checkup by contacting 080-48193435. This is an excellent opportunity for women to take care of their eye health and receive expert advice from experienced eye care professionals.

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