EYE WASH FROM CENTRAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS Report No:1 We have communicated through letter with Govt. to control the suicide of the farmers, but Govt. has not came forward to the help of farmer, but the corporate companies are benefited rather than farmers. In India more than 32 tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturing companies are selling daily around 3000 tractors and agricultural machineries. By this approximately Rs.10000Crores every year innocent farmers money is exhorted.

Every agricultural machinery showroom must display the authorised company MRP price list in visible manner. Why not the violated showrooms are not punished with Rs.100000/- from this agriculture dept. and weights and measurement department?

One Navarathna Thaila Costing Rs.1/- is having MRP printed on the Sachet pack, why not on the agricultural machineries?

Make mandatory to all the tractor and agricultural machinery companies to publish their MRP of all the models of agricultural machineries in their own websites as well as in the Govt. farmers portal.

Every agricultural machinery should come out from the factory with MRP price tag or MRP printed on the agricultural machinery.

This issue was raised in the parliament by G.M.Siddeshwar Ji, MP of Davangere dated 16.09.2020 in Zero hours. Sri Narendra Singh Tomarji assured to take action against this but till today no action has been taken. not getting Report No:2) Without proper guidelines farmers are agricultural insurance claim, and by this the companies are benefiting and on the other hand farmers having huge loss. Report No:3) Agricultural loan procedure are not in proper manner, and all community and all type of farmers should get crop loan.

Report No: 4) Agricultural machinery MRP should be displayed websites. Upto 75% subsidy get the farmers who purchase the agricultural machinery.

Report No:5) We are demanding to the Govt, at the time of One Time settlement of non paying agricultural loans upto 70% waiver should be given to the farmers.

Addressing to the Bangalore Press club dated 10.03.2021 Sri Konche Shivarudrappa, State General Secretary, Rashtriya Kissan Sangha (R) decided not to allow the Govt officers to the villages till the fulfilment of our demands. Along with State General Secretary, Sri Nagabhushan Reddy, President and Krishna Naik, Vice president has also joined the words.

In this press meet Chandrakala, Sharada Naik, Manjula, Mallikarjuna, Venkataramreddy, Manjula, Rajashekar, H.N.Lokesh present in this occasion.

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