Gopika who is 2 years 2 months old have created more than 80 short videos on Save Soil movement

Gopika who is 2 years 2 months old have created more than 80 short videos on Save Soil movement – one of the largest global eSoilggical awareness programs launched in the recent years. All the videos are uploaded in popular Social Media Platforms including YouTube Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook on daily basis.

In all these short videos, Gopika has been featured. She has rendered her voice and acted as per the need of the concept of the video.

Gopika has acted, sang songs, danced, played mouth organ, spoke in 13 different languages, recited Sankrit shlokas & poems, did painting etc. In one of the videos, Gopika has appeared in dual role. Probably the youngest one to feature in a short film in this way.

For the first 52 days videos, Gopika’s exceptional skills and the efforts of the parents have been recognised and appreciated as a Record under India Book of Records 2023.

The title and description of the Record is given below.
Maximum YouTube shorts videos uploaded in consecutive days by a toddler
The record for uploading the maximum number of YouTube short videos in consecutive days was set by Gopika V T (born on March 21, 2020) of Bengaluru, Karnataka. She uploaded 52 videos in 52 days (March 21, 2022 to May 12, 2022); each video is about creating awareness on global environmental issues, spreading the message of ‘Save soil’, at the age of 2 years, 1 month and 23 days, as confirmed on May 13, 2022.

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