MS Customs – Aizawl, Mizoram

Based out of Aizawl, MS customs was founded by Mr Lalmalsawma (MSa) in 2008, he has been building bikes for longer but decided to give this passion a direction when he set up his shop. Hailing from Kulikawn, Aizawl he is an automobile engineer & is an expert when it comes to building all genres of motorcycles. He is mostly a one man show & has managed to build quite a few motorcycles in the last 14 years despite the scarcity of raw materials, specialized tools, components and accessories due to hurdles posed by the state’s isolation from mainland India

Key design features

  • Style – Urban Roadster
  • 60’s Inspired headlight dome
  • Custom Tank
  • Custom swing arm 
  • Hand crafted twin seat
  • Custom wheels & tires

Completing such a job while the country was grappling with the effects of the Covid19 pandemic was a daunting task for MS & his team, however with the support & guidance from his family & friends they managed to overcome all odds to put this beautiful yet functional build together. Much like the story of the pandemic itself showing when there is one common goal everything eventually works out for the best.  

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