Demand for selecting SC/ST leader as next CM

If the decision is made to change Shri B.S.Yadiyurappa we strongly urge the BJP National leadership to do social justice to SC/ST people and select a senior SC/ST leader as the next Chief Minister of Karnataka, for the reasons mentioned below

1) The population of Lingayath community in Karnataka is 17% and they have had 9 Chief Ministers including the current CM. About 16% Vokkaligas have had 6 CMs, backward classes have had 5 CMs, Brahmins have had 2 CMs. But SC/ST people who constitute about 24% population have had non as CM so for. Certainly, it is not a social justice.

2) It was just impossible for BJP to have won 104 MLA seats in the last assembly election with just Lingayath and Brahmin votes. BJP emerged as the single largest party because of the strong support it gained mainly from SC/STs.

3) It should be noted that the congress party which enjoyed power for about 50 yrs with the solid support of SC/ST for 5 decades betrayed them by not making even once an SC/ST leader as CM though there were several able SC/ST leaders. Enraged by this betrayal, the SC/ST people have started supporting BJP since the last 3 elections.

4) At present Deputy Chief Minister Shri Govind M Karajola, Social Welfare Minister Shri B Shriramulu and forest minister Shri Aravinda Limbavali happened to be top leaders of SC/ST community in BJP. And all the three leaders are quite popular and command good influence among SC/ST people. Because of their influence, migration of SC/ST Voters towards BJP is gaining strength and speed in our state.

5) Deputy Chief Minister Sri Govinda M Karajola, the senior most leader, is known all over Karnataka as a gentleman politician, sensible and dignified leader, a good administrator with vast experience. He carries all section of people with him and he is acceptable to all people.

6) Social welfare minister Shri. B. Shriramulu is a leader with strong mass appeal and he has natural talent to attract masses of people even from non SC/ST category. He is a good organiser. During 2014 assembly election he formed B.S.R Congress and got 5 MLAS elected only on his personal capacity. It is a clear evidence for his popularity. BJP had announced during 2018 assembly polls that he would Deputy Chief Minister which helped BJP in several constituencies.

7) Forest Minister Shri Aravinda Limbavali who graduated from ABVP is serving well and has good rapport with RSS. He has worked with Shi B.S.Yediyurappa, Shri Sadananda Gowda and late Anantha Kumar since 1990 for strengthening BJP in Karnataka. Mr. Limbavali is known for his good administration. He is also good in formulating election strategy. It should be noted that the BJP high command utilized his services in the recent assembly elections in West Bengal and sometime back in Telangana also.

Therefore, in light of above mentioned facts, if the BJP high command decides to change Shri B.S.Yediyurappa, we strongly urge the BJP national leadership to choose any one from among the three SC/ST leaders, we have mentioned, as the next Chief Minister of Karnataka and do social justice to SC/ST people.


State President, Social Justice Council

Jumbu Dweepa Siddaraju State President, Karnataka State Adhi Jambava Sangaha

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