Anshul Sah , student of Aakash + BYJU’S from Bangalore selected for an all – inclusive trip to NASA . .

  • Owing to his exemplary performance in ANTHE 2021 , he has got a chance to visit NASA * Trip to NASA is the first – ever initiative by Aakash + BYJU’S to engage and motivate students effectively * Each student will be accompanied by one parent , whose expense too will be borne by the company . * Since 2010 , ANTHE has offered scholarships to more than 23 lakh students . *KPMG Assurance & Consulting Services LLP was the Process Advisor & Evaluator for ANTHE Exam – NASA Trip

Bangalore , June 17 , 2022 : Anshul Sah , a student of Aakash + BYJU’S , the national leader in test preparatory services , has been selected for a free trip to NASA . He was selected based on his score in the Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam ( ANTHE ) 2021 , the twelfth edition of the flagship annual scholarship exam of Aakash + BYJU’S . ANTHE is open to Class VII – XII students to hone their performances for the NEET and IIT – JEE coaching programs . In 2021 , 12 lakh students registered for the ANTHE , the highest number registered till date .

Speaking about the opportunity , Anshul Sah said ” I would like express my gratitude to Aakash + BYJU’S for providing me and my father an opportunity to go to NASA . It has been my dream and now it is finally coming true . I look forward to the experiences and the learning’s . “

The trip to NASA is Aakash + BYJU’S first – ever initiative to make students experience concepts beyond their syllabus and remain motivated and focused on their studies . The students will be accompanied by one of their parents . The Process Advisor & Evaluator for ANTHE Exam – NASA Trip was KPMG Assurance & Consulting Services LLP .

ANTHE 2021 carried a total of 90 marks and comprised 35 multiple – choice questions that are based on grades and streams of aspirations of students .

Congratulating Anshul , Mr Aakash Chaudhry , Managing Director , Aakash + BYJU’S , said , ” We are very proud of Anshul Sah who has been shortlisted for the NASA trip . The journey will be path – breaking as it will give him a high level of exposure . Such experiences will encourage the students in the holistic development of their careers and personalities . The trip to NASA will motivate students to pursue careers in science and technology and give them a first hand experience of how the technology at NASA works . “

The 4 day tour will give students an enriching experience of how the space organisation works . There will be projects , live demonstrations and simulations , group discussions and other activities which will further help students to dig deeper in the concepts .

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