Voot Select’s direct – to – digital release ‘ Dear Vikram ‘

Voot Select’s direct – to – digital release ‘ Dear Vikram ‘ , starring Sathish Ninasam and Shraddha Srinath promises a grippingdrama with a multi – narrative plot , trailer out now !

-Helmed by KS Nandeesh , this romantic political dramastars Sathish Ninasam and Shraddha Srinath in lead roles , alongside Raksha Somashekhar , Vasistha Simha , Sonu Gowda and Achyut Kumar in key roles

National , 22 June 2022 : Viacom18’s leading video – on – demand streaming platform , Voot Select prides itself on encompassing a distinct content library that caters to a diverse audiencebase across India.In its endeavour to expand its Kannada content portfolio , the platform is all geared up for the exclusive direct – to – digital release of the upcoming Kannada film , titled ‘ Dear Vikram ‘ . Ahead of its exclusive premiere on 30th June , Voot Select gave the audience a sneak peek into the emotion – packed story of Vikram and Nithya by unveiling the enthralling trailer of the romantic political drama , today !

Written and directed by debutant filmmaker KS Nandeesh , Dear Vikram stars Sathish Ninasam and Shraddha Srinath in the primary roles . Alongside them , the Kannada film also features Raksha Somashekhar , Vasistha Simha , Sonu Gowda and Achyut Kumar in prominent roles .

Set in Karnataka , Dear Vikram follows the lives of Vikram ( played by Sathish Ninasam ) and Nithya ( played by Shraddha Srinath ) . While Vikram is a journalism student who stands up for what is right , Nithya is an idealist who firmly believes in the importance of education . The plot of the film revolves around the brewing romance between the lead characters , along with the introduction of other central characters who drive in a political undertone as the story unfolds . This Kannada film comprises of a multi – narrative plot that connects these individuals as they test their relationships and priorities along the way !

KS Nandeesh , said , ” During the shoot in Kukke Subramanya , we had to cross a river to reach the location . We waded through knee deep water and spent our entire day there as none of us felt like coming back . But after the shoot , we panicked as water hadrisen to chest level , but we somehow managed to cross along with all the equipment . Was scary then , but now it has become a fond memory .

” Actor Sathish Ninasam said , “ This is the first time Shraddha and I have come together in a movie . The biggest cho nge we faced while making this movie was to match artist dates ; Vasista Simha , Shradha , Achyuth Kumar , Sonu Gowda , all are busy artists . Moreover , we shot across Kukke Subramanya , Kurnool Andhra Pradesh , Hassan , Bangalore , Bhatkal , Malaysia and many more locations . We all have put in a lot of effort into this movie .

” Shraddha Srinath added , “ Since it has been a long time since I’ve done a Kannada film , I am extremely excited to see the response for its release on Voot Select . This is a very intense film and I expect people to discuss it . When I look back after 10 years , I would be proud to have acted and worked in a movie like Dear Vikram . “

A one – of – its – kind multi – narrative plot , complemented by praise – worthy performances , makes Vikram ‘ a must – watch on Voot Select !

‘ Dear ‘ Dear Vikram ‘ will premiere exclusively on Voot Select on 30th June 2022 !

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