New Swarovski lighting store adds sparkle to High street Bangalore

Bangalore, 8th December 2018: Swarovski lighting is proud to announce the opening of its flagship showroom in the prestigious area of Bangalore Karnataka. Today members of the public and invited guests are gathered to celebrate the official opening of this exciting new showroom in the city.
This new showroom, is part of

swarovski group expansion of business is a significant move from the company. Having flagship showroom in Bangalore places Swarovski in the heart of the growing economy and shows that brand is entering to the IT city.

Today, to mark the official opening of the flagship people were given the opportunity to visit the showroom and join the Swarovski celebration.
Yeshwanth Mehta , founder and CEO of Swarovski said, this is really exciting day for us, as it marks the official opening of our flagship showroom.

Mr. Yeshwanth Mehta founder of Mehta group inaugurated the Swarovski

City Today News

(Tj vision media)


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