Skill Building workshop for 300 students on 8th Dec 2018 at Senate Hall, Bangalore Central University Campus

Y’s men International in association with the Department of Commerce, Bangalore Central University and Agastya Charitable Foundation organized a Skill Building workshop for 300 students on 8th Dec 2018 at Senate Hall, Bangalore Central University Campus to commemorate founder’s day of this 98 year old International Service Organisation, which is a subsidiary of YMCA & also has a consultative status with United Nations with a motto ”To Acknowledge the Duty that accompanies every Right”.

The 8th of December is the 130th anniversary of the birth of Y’s Men International Founder, Judge Paul William Alexander (1888-1967) and this day is commonly celebrated as the birth of the Movement.
Our mission is to strive through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all humankind.
In 2018/19, we are working under the banner of the International President’s theme, “Yes, We Can Change”.
The South India Region’s Regional Director’s theme for the year is “ Be Educated Be Empowered”

As part of the Founder’s day service initiative a session on Waste management was delivered by Mr.Sanjiv Save from M/s Linear East.., Road safety Awareness session was delivered by Mr Nagesh Police Inspector,Bangalore Traffic Police. Session on Corporate career grooming was delivered by Mr. Kutumbaro Kunari an experienced corporate professional and career coach. Session on preparation for facing interviews was led by Ms Rupa Senior Manager for Human resource .

Program was chaired by Y’smen Mohan Sunder ( Lieutenant Regional Director-Zone 2,South India Region) & Y’smen C R Raghunadan (International Service Director-Y’s Men International) and other dignitaries including Prof S Japhet-Vice Chancellor, Prof Ramachandra Gowda –Registrar & Prof Muni Raju – Dean of Department of commerce , Bangalore Central University and Chairperson of Agastya Charitable Foundation Ms. Sasha Kulothungan were among those who graced the occasion.

Apart from the students the event witnessed a large gathering of Y’s Men Leaders from the International,India Area,South India Region & Bangalore District 1&2 .Program was well received by all the participants making the event a grand success.

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