-“Damini” a CSR Initiative by PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd focuses on creating intervention across various life stages from Girl Child to Women

– Under initiative “Damini” PNB MetLife is supporting the cause of menstrual hygiene in association with Goonj, by reaching out to 6000 girls and women in the states of Karnataka and Rajasthan

Kolar, December 2018: PNB MetLife, among the top 10 private life insurance companies in India this fiscal, is poised to take its initiative “Damini” to Kolar, Karnataka. Through “Damini”, PNB MetLife Life Insurance Co. Ltd.focuses on supporting and empowering underprivileged girls and women in their various life stages, from girl child to woman.

PNB MetLife in its endeavor to aid and stand by in all the life-stages of women is focusing on:

Girl child education

Providing knowledge to girls on sexual abuse

Menstrual hygiene, and

Bringing financial empowerment to rural women by providing them with skills to be self- reliant & financially independent

The third stage of PNB MetLife’s Damini Initiative, in partnership with Goonj, working on the issue of menstrual hygiene pan India for the past decade under it’s Not Just a Piece of Clothinitiative, will work towards improving the menstrual health of women in the state of Karnataka and Rajasthan.

The struggle for basic menstrual hygiene in India is paramount with only 12% of India’s menstruating women having an access to sanitary napkins[1]. This paints an abysmal picture of the country’s female health and hygiene scenario. Through this partnership, PNB MetLife aims to create an ecosystem of support and awareness on menstrual hygiene, in partnership with the expertise of Goonj to open up a dialogue among women where they voice their menstrual challenges to aid a better, stronger development of women and girls. The association with Goonj’s project – Not Just a Piece of Cloth, will mean a comprehensive redressal of the menstrual needs; physical, social and infrastructural, for improving the quality of life of women.

This stage of the ‘Damini’ Initiative is set to provide all-round support to 3000 women in Kolar, Karnataka. Damini approaches this problem in a unique and holistic way. The initiative’s main goal is to create a lasting social impact which changes society’s mindset and normalizes the subject of menstruation by bringing it into mainstream discussion. The approach focuses on providing women and girls, a healthy ecosystem. The initiative will follow a comprehensive plan by developing women health and hygiene-related infrastructure, conducting awareness sessions on menstrual health, and providing these women with MY Pad Dignity Kits which will include 2 packs of MY Pads, 2 undergarments, 2 sets of women clothing, and 1 Goonj ka Jhola.

Launching this chapter of “Damini”,Nipun Kaushal, Chief Marketing Officer, PNB MetLife Life Insurance Co. Ltd. said “With this initiative, PNB MetLife focuses on a critical issue of menstrual hygiene. Until recently, talking about the issue in public would have been unthinkable. Thus creating awareness on this will help in breaking the taboo associated with this issue. Through this initiative, we will like more people to know that menstruation is not an illness but a monthly routine. We want to stress there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This association with Goonj further strengthens our resolve to aid and stand by women, in all their life-stages and thereby developing a safe and conducive eco-system for them.”

Applauding the initiative, Chief Guest Shri. Nagaraja Upadhyaya B., Assistant General Manager, Karnataka Bank Ltd. said, “Women and young girls face a multitude of hardships due to the social stigma and shame attached to menstruation. Inaccessibility to menstrual health and hygiene products hinder their mental and physical growth, which in turn impede the development of society. The joint efforts of PNB MetLife and Goonj in this arena is to be commended. I am confident that this initiative will leave a lasting imprint on this region and inspire the entire state to follow in the footsteps of Kolar.”

Anshu Gupta, Founder Director Goonjsaid, “Our work is for the last women in the most remote villages of India who still struggle for the basics of life. For them, menstruation turns into a monthly disaster in the absence of awareness, access, and affordability. The bigger issue is that they are not even able to speak about this basic due to the larger culture of shame and silence around it. Working with PNB MetLife, we are looking at comprehensively addressing these different aspects for 6000 women, with dignity.”

PNB MetLife is committed to giving back to the society and has been continually offering support to underprivileged children through its various initiatives over the years. The CSR initiative ‘Damini’ launched last month has already undertaken two outreach programs in Moga, Punjab and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh supporting the causes of girl education and women skill development. PNB MetLife’s scholarship program for talented underprivileged children has helped them pursue their dream of excelling in Badminton. Additionally, the education and development program across the districts of Baramullah, Bandipora, Srinagar, and Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir has impacted over 26000 kids. PNB MetLife has always remained committed to working for the welfare of the children who need support at the grassroots level.

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