Spilling Ink’s Co-Artistic Director Vijay Palaparty Revisits Roots in Kuchipudi Dance to Bring New Perspectives on December 20 at Atta Galatta

December 13, 2018 ― Bangalore ― Washington, DC-based Vijay Palaparty, founder, co-Artistic Director and president of Spilling Ink, will present A Letter to My Teacher, a classical dance-based project that simultaneously revisits and expands the creative scope of the classical South Indian Kuchipudi dance form along with the idea of going back to tradition.

With classical South Indian Carnatic music, contemporary poetry written by Vijay offers him an opportunity to re-examine important foundational elements of the dance form.

“This project explores the form’s expansive potential of expression to convey the traditional thought that continues to have relevance in a contemporary context, and highlights the importance of examining the dance form’s history, and perhaps more importantly, my own artistic history,” Vijay said.

A solo dance-based project in the margam format—a traditional repertoire program—the pieces he presents are classical choreographies which he learned more than 25 years ago in the Kuchipudi dance form, that comprise its centuries-old tradition that balances dramatic expression with technical, rhythmic aspects.

Vjiay worked with a team of stellar Bangalore-based musicians, including Nandakumar Unnikrishnan (vocal) Ravichandra Kulur (flute) and BC Manjunath (mridangam) to create a sound recording of the suite of choreographies, drawing on decades-old recordings for inspiration.

“They embellished the ragas, moods, and melodies while preserving traditional and classical flavor. Thereafter, I wrote poetry to contextualize the program and create an appropriate channel of meaning for the audience. The project is an exercise in revival—bringing back classics,” Vijay said.

The classical Indian arts tell religious and spiritual stories about Hindu gods and goddesses. The textual basis for traditional work rests in scripture or is extracted from texts written by composers who created on these subjects.

“A Letter to My Teacher offers insight into their motivations, but also establishes a personal point of view in a contemporary context—ultimately a moving letter to my guru, Dr. K. Uma Rama Rao, who taught me these pieces,” Vijay expressed.

Event Details

On Thursday, December 20, 2018 from 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM
At Atta Galatta, 134, 1st Floor, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Free Admittance

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