22nd Annual “MEGA LIMB CAMP”

Bengaluru,5th JAN 2019

Rotary Bangalore Peenya under Community Service, MEGA JAIPUR FOOT CAMP is annual project which is held in the beginning of every year since the last twenty two years, durin week of January for providing Artificial Limbs for the amputees, Calipers for the Polio affected, Crutches, & LN-4 below elbow FORE HAND for the needy, free of cost. The 22nd Annual Camp has begun on 03-01-2019 The 22nd Camp has been scheduled from 3rd to 9th Jan 2019 and we expect fitment of 850 # LIMBS , 850 # CALIPERS 800 # CRUTCHES & 200 # LN4 FORE HAND totaling : 2700 # . We have made arrangements for the same – So far, in all till 21t camp: 9,479 Limbs, 18,799 Calipers, 9,025 Crutches, 3536 LN-4 Fore hand, 820 Wheel Chairs, 411 Tri Cycles, 875 Polio Corrective Surgeries & 70 Hip Replacements have been provided/conducted FREE OF COST. Total -43,015 have been benefited Artificial Limbs & Calipers are tailored made and fitted to the exact measurement of the beneficiary and 20 technicians from BMVSs- Jaipur will assist us technically at the camp. It is our endeavor to see that the disabled people looking for their limbs of life are provided with artificial limbs, calipers and crutches free of cost. These are the victims of polio or amputees due to an accident or gangrene. The heart breaking scene is when people come crawling, children being carried by their parents patients coming on wheel chairs with hope in their eyes, and anxiety writ large on their faces, expecting their life to turn a new leaf and a miracle to happen. It is equally heart-warming to see those who come to camp walking back tall with confidence and great cheer

Contact. Rtn . VASANTH KUMAR GR : Cell # 9845052554 & Rtn . Virchand Nahar : cell # 9341214915

Rtn. ANTH KUMAR G. R. : Co – ordinator : LIMB CAMP : Cell # 9845052554

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