The Commoners submits suggestions to the Election Commission of India for optimizing voter turnout during General Elections

7th February, 2019, Bengaluru: Concerned over the low to average voter turnouts especially in urban areas dur vibrant ing the most crucial event in a democracy-the Elections, The Commoners have submitted a 4 point memorandum to the Election mission of India, that seeks to address the voter’s apathy and offer possible ways of getting them to the poll booths to exercise their franchise. It is very critical that maximum people turnout to vote on a given day or voting and en sure democracy wins. This is very essential for the success of our nation.

As a concerned citizen group of this nation, the following suggestions were made in the strong belief that it will increase the voter turnout percentage.

1) Prohibition of liquor sales & service for 2 days before the election & on the day of election

2) Closure of all holiday homes, resorts, clubs, etc for 1 day before election & on the day of election so voters don’t treat the election day as a holiday and travel outside instead of voting Also a mid week day for voting would be appropriate.

3) Documenting the non-voters and exploring options for penalizing people who fail to exercise their franchise without a valid reason.

4) Publishing a non-voters list on a online platform (preferably on ECl website) which must be linked to bills providing basic amenities like Water Electricity – Cooking Gas etc. These bills can either b discounted for voters or hiked for non voters.

The forum hopes that the suggestions would be considered in the right spirit & be implemented in the best of the capacities possible at the earliest by the Election Commission of India Last but not the least, the Commoners thank the Press Fratemity for their responsible role of taking the message and importance to VOTE, for a vibrant democracy About The Commoners The Commoners is a forum of like minded professionals and common citizens who have ‘Nation First’ as their sole agenda. It aspires to make a positive change in the attitude of the citizens towards Nation building.

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