7th February. Bengaluru. Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI) is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Environment. Forests & Climate Change, Government of India. Since its inception in the year 1962, IPIRTI has been serving the panel Industries in the country by its continuous dedication towards Research and Development (R&D), training, testing and standardization of all sorts of composites from wood, bamboo and other agro- residues. It has its field station at Kolkata (West Bengal) and a centre at Mohali (Punjab). For further information please visit IPIRTI is organising an International Conference Cum Exhibition On “Bamboo Composites”at IPIRTI Conference Hall, Bangalore, India During 9 h.12th February 2019. The event is a much- needed step to tap the immense potential of the bamboo sector. It is an effort to boost the value addition of bamboo resources in the country. It will be one of the flagship events of the IPIRTI and is expected to bring in the finest experts of the world together to chalk out the strategies for the sustainable growth of the Bamboo industry and disseminate the information on the latest advances and future opportunities for the development of Bamboo pan global. The main objectives of the conference are: To promote the development and implementation of Bamboo composites . To establish value chain networks within and outside India and to allow better coordination and cooperation at the national, regional and international levels . Take care to integrate the findings of the conference in the industrial perspective of National Bamboo Mission of India. Noted dignitaries who addressed the media from IPIRTI were:

.Dr.B.N.Mohanty, Director and Chairman of Conference Organizing Committee .

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dubey – Joint Director .

Ms.Sujatha.D, Head, Adhesive Technology Division and Conference Organizing Secretary

Dr. Vipin K ChavlaHed, Center for Bamboo Development . Dr. Narasimha Murthy- Head, Wood properties and preservation Division.

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