Unethical business culture by General Mills (Pillsbury) company and which have removed 16 distributors without notice in entire Bangalore to give business to the big investor Amazon Distributor

07/02/2019. Bengaluru:

The distributors for FMCG companies which manufacture several brands like HUL, GODREJ DABUR PEPSI, COLGATE, P&G and one among them is Pillsbury they sell number of products e toothpaste, brushes, biscuits, bread, milk, water, flours, soaps, detergents, ready foods, baby care products, cosmetics and many more daily use products. They will get stock from company CFA (Godown) and we will supply the same to retail shops, super market, medical lik shops, fancy shops and some wholesale markets. General Mills company came to India with its product Pillsbury atta in the year 1996 with zero market and now 2018-19 they have business of about 350-400 crores per annum, and in 16 (sixteen) distributor currently in tradition distribution channel who brought Pillsbury sales from O (ZERO) 15-20 6 distributors who were doing the business from years are removed are Bangalore they have got 15-20 crore business per annum. There are crores but now all these 1 without notice, the distributors who were depended on agency are helpless now, they have literally lost their livelihood

KARNATAKA FMCG DISTRIBUTORS WELFARE ASSOCIATION with the support of all distributors have held protest on 09-02-2019 at 12. 30pm to 3 pm in front of TOWN HALL, Bangalore. About 300-400 distributors are expected to participate in protest.

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