Announcing the launch of TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT Bars, the first ever TMT steel bars in Karnataka using the renowned LPS technology

Bengaluru, March 8, ’19: TURBOSTEELLPS TMT BARS-the first and only product in Karnataka to use the LPS (Low Phosphorus and Sulphur) technology for high grade steel bars, was launched in the city today by popular cine star and director Mr. Ramesh Aravind.

“We are excited about the launch of this innovative and advanced offering under our TURBOSTEEL brand TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT Bars’ physical properties are stable, mechanically superior and visually distinct from other products. The finish, lustre and rib design are outstanding and are being much appreciated by experts in the construction industry” said Praveen Chandra Ramamurthy, Managing Director, Prakash Sponge Iron and Power Private Limited. Using unmatched precision and advanced technologies available, the parent company Prakash Sponge Iron & Power Pvt. Ltd established in 2007, has successfully commissioned the state-of-the-art steel melting and steel rolling mill to produce world class quality steel bars under the popular brand name TURBOSTEEL.

The company has over 100 dealers across Karnataka and plans to introduce the new product in other states soon. Having provided direct and indirect employment to more than 600 people, the company is on a growth path to expand d add additional steelmaking capacity.

The new offering TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT Bars’ chemical properties are controlled at various stages of manufacturing. tarting at the iron ore mines. The high grade iron ore coupled with Advanced LRF -Ladle Refining Furnace and MSS Convertor during steel making enables to control the Phasphorus and Sulphur levels in the steel, resulting in a high quality efficient product.

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of such an initiative to introduce a first of its kind technology in Karnataka. Being an engineer myself I was quite convinced with the precision and quality they offer with the launch of TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT BARS. A long lasting and strong building is the aim of any construction and TURBOSTEELLPS TMT BARS gives you just that, which is indisputable in the state’s steel industrytoday”, said Ramesh Aravind, cine star and director, Brand Ambassador of TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT BARS.


TURBOSTEEL LPS TMT Bars is a product of Prakash Sponge Iron and Power Pvt. Ltd, established in the year 2007 based in Chitradurga district, Karnataka. TURBOSTEELs unique selling point is the LPS technology used in making steel, which reduces the Phosphorus and Sulphur content in steel to very law levels. This makes the TMT Bars str and reliable than other ordinary TMT on the current production levels. The company is part of ERM Group, which has interests largely in the Ore Mining. Steel, and Power Generation bars available in the market. The primary focus is the state of Karnataka, based areas of Iron Ore mining steel, and Power Generation.

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