“Karnataka State Film Award-2017” and “Media Academy Award-2018”.

“Honorary Ceremony” was jointly organized by Namma Super Stars and Chithra Mandali for winners of “Karnataka State Film Award-2017” and “Media Academy Award-2018”.

Event happened at Ravindra Kalakshetra’s ‘Nayana Auditorium’ on March 6th evening.

President of the program Mr. Chinne Gowda, Chairman of the Karnataka film chambers of commerce and secretary B. M. Harish inaugurated. Shilpa Srinivas, Karisubbu, K. M, Vireesh, Umesh Banakar, Other celebrities including Girish and famous film actress Bhavana Rao and Miss South India 2018, Sushmita Gopinath, Sparsha Rekha, Suman Nagarkar have participated.

Speaking to the guests, Oscar Krishna and Namma super stars have done a good job of congratulating the artists. He also wished to organize a bigger event next.

Mr. Chinne Gowda honored the award winners. Some senior actors expressed boredom that they did not attend the program.

The award was honored by state award winning artists, technicians, producers and directors, including the famous media journalist Nagesh Kumar and journalist Deshadri. All those present at the hallowed hall were arranged for breakfast. Oscar Krishna thanked the program.

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