INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Sagar Hospitals hosts stimulating panel discussion on promoting gender parity at work

Bengaluru, 10th March 2019: To celebrateInternational Women’s Day, Sagar Hospitals hosted an engaging panel discussion as well as cultural events today at Dr Chandrama Sagar Auditorium in Bengaluru. With #WomenofGold as the theme, ‘promoting gender parity at the workplace’ was the hot topic of deliberation.
The eminent panel of game-changers included Ishiqa Multani, Executive Director – Sagar Hospitals; Dr Geetha Ramanujam, Founder and Director – GR Educational Institutions; ShafryneSayani, FSO – Consulate General of Canada and Dr Indira Reddy, Senior Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Sagar Hospitals.

Addressing the 385-strong audience at the event, Ishiqa Multani, Executive Director, Sagar Hospitals, said, “Women are the pillars upon which the healthcare industry rests. While gender parity exists at the beginning of healthcare careers, and service-level is comprised of 65-70% women, female representation at the c-suite level is less than 10%.

Unfortunately, the task of juggling career and family often falls to women, and they may lack the mentorship and networking opportunities essential for career success.
I have been fortunate to possess incredible support from my family and mentors. Given that women make many decisions about healthcare spending, increasing our female leadership will produce a more well-rounded view of our customer and patient base.”
As new ways are paved and countless women inspired to dare to dream, is the Indian workplace ready for the change? Is it enough to have the laws on paper? Do workplaces treat women on par with their male counterparts? How can women ensure that they get equal opportunities and rewards at work? These were some of the key questions addressed during the hour-long panel discussion.

“Women’s Day is not just a day for celebration, but also a time to realise our potential and work towards realising it. Success is not to be measured in huge salaries or fancy designations, but by how well we understand ourselves and are able to constantly challenge ourselves. Gone are the days when women were expected to stay at home, while men had all the opportunities to study and work.

However, for gender parity to work at all levels, it has to start at home. And education is a powerful tool to make that happen. We don’t ask for special treatment; we want equal treatment.” remarked Dr Geetha Ramunajam, Founder and Academic Director – GR Educational Institutions.
ShafryneSayani, FSO, Consulate General of Canadasaid, “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a pertinent point when he said, “All of us benefit when women can participate freely, fully, and equally in our economies and society, and supporting and empowering women and girls must be at the heart of the decisions we make.” What makes Canada one of the most forward-thinking countries is its integrative feminist model approach. The Feminist Foreign Policy and the Feminist International Assistance Policy are fine examples of revolutionary efforts made at the highest level.

The world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women – Women Deliver 2019 – is scheduled to be held in Vancouver this year.”
If we look at the history of women’s movements across the globe, we see that there’s much to be celebrated. Women can cast their votes; women can head public offices; women can drive; women can have a personal life as well as a professional life…
If your family is with you, said Dr Indira Reddy, there are lesser hurdles to overcome. “When I wanted to become a doctor, my family readily agreed. I was only 27 years old when I started to practise medicine in Riyadh. I still remember performing my first C-section surgery – the only woman in an all-male gynecologist team. Those 16 years in Riyadh gave me a golden opportunity to prove myself. Unfortunately, not many women get equal opportunities.”
The event showcased a touching short film on the longest serving staff members of Sagar Hospitals, followed by melodious performances by the staff, in celebration of the spirit of womanhood.

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