“Design and Make in India of Aero Gas Turbine Engines”

This is a National Workshop to discuss and review” Need- Challenges Preparedness ” of Indian Aero Gas Turbine Engines’ design, development and owning, so we can put them for un-limited and un-restricted use for various Society for that, defense applications. This is being conducted by the Advancement of Aerospace Propulsion (SAAP) in Association with the Aeronautical society of India, at Bangalore on the 22nd June (Saturday) 2019.

We have quite a few design agencies such as DRDO, HAL, NAL, ISC and IITS in the country which have gone a long way in the successful design and development of Gas Turbine Engines of various sizes and power levels up to flight trials. Being the most complex machine, these engines have certain short fall in terms of power and weight, restricting them for replacing the imported engines. Most important reasons for this are : lack of a) State of the art design knowledge, b) Special processes for manufacturing, c) Critical high temperature and light weight materials and d) Infrastructure for developmental testing. This was common to all the Engine design houses all over the world in the past, who never gave up and went ahead to modify, mature and successfully put into application. No one would be ” First time Right”

It should be noted that, while there are dozens of Airframe design houses in various countries, only 5 countries are successful in the Engine design serving the needs of all the Aircraft companies for their Power plant requirements. Even these expert Design houses are working and developing jointly among themselves using the best of each, to excel their product to compete in the world market.

It is important to note that, while we can import Engines for powering the Aircrafts fully designed and owned by us, we will be dictated by their whims and fancies when it comes to our freedom for un-limited or un-restricted use of these Aircrafts including huge cost of MRO for these engines. Today, technologies essential for our Indian Engine to mature for any application are available in the world market either by way of purchase or Joint development route which was not so, a few years back. With the Defense off-sets available now, even the financial burdens are less. With such an approach, we can have our own Engines and variants for different applications. This will also reduce the cost of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of these Engines and ensure huge saving of Foreign Exchange and dependence.

Indian Aerospace Manufacturing Industry leader HAL and a huge Industry base under the Umbrella of SIATI already into aerospace are manufacturing business not only catering to the requirement of Indian but also for the Vendors abroad. Senior professionals in the field of Aerospace and Users (both Serving and retired) discuss these aspects and suggest a road map for achieving the objective of coming together in this workshop to are to “Design and Make in India of Aero Gas Turbine Engines” to the Top level policy making and Executive body of the country.

At least at this stage, can we not pool all our resources and join the elite club of Aero Engine Design Houses of the world in the years to come

On the Press meet Dais

Dr.K Tamilmani, former DS & D.G. (Aero), DRDO

Shri.T. Mohanarao, former OS & Director, GTRE, DRD0

Dr.V Arunkumar, former Head, Propulsion, NAL & Pof. Ambedkar Engineering College

Shri V. Balakrishnan, former Executive Director, HAL

Shri C Kalaivanan, former Scientist & Group Director, GTRE, DRDO

Shri N M Kaverappa, former R.P.R.O., DRDO & Convener

were present.

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