Esperer BioResearch addresses the Nutritional Deficiency in Cancer Patients

” The initiative can benefit approximately 2.25 million people living with Cancer in India”

Bangalore, June 20, 2019: Backed by a strong research on the nutritional deficiencies in cancer patients in India; Esperer BioResearch today, launched 2 health supplements Es- Fortitude (nourish, protect &recovery) & Es- Invigour (base formula) in Bangalore. The supplements aim to bring optimal efficacy of the main therapy in cancer disease management to ensure better quality of life of patients across the globe.

One of the most relevant syndromes that increase as cancer progresses is cachexia that compromises the life of the patient and irremediably causes weakness and death. Hypermetabolism is correlated with clinical and biological markers of cancer cachexia and is associated with a shorter Thus, there is a need for preparing the body for the treatment, during the treatment and during recovery stage. All 3 phases are different and require survival in metastatic cancer patients. nutritional care basis the cell biology of the body.

Dr. Radheshyam Naik, MD, HCG Hospital, Bengaluru; “Cancer is a term that encapsulates many different diseases-with different changes in different metabolic pathways in different cells in different parts of the body-no single metabolic therapy is right for every person. A scientific formula that can aid in maintaining the quality of life of the potient along with maintaining the nutritional balance is a promising progress. We look forward to prescribing such effective health supplements and revolutionary formulas for cancer care in the future.”

Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO said; “It is our endeavour to work towards a better quality of life for cancer patients. We believe that “Personalized Medicine” is our chance to revolutionize health care. Nutritional imbalance has a direct impact on the cancer disease and our quest is to mitigate the risk that stems from nutritional deficiency in cancer patients.”

Manufactured at US-FDA approved nutraceutical plant at Bengaluru; the company has been researching and providing onco-nutrition therapy to cancer patients. The fast-paced IT city has the highest incidence of cancer among Indian citieps, roughly 126 cases for every lakh people.. Latest figures released by the Population Based Cancer Registry put Bangalore at No.1 with 113.4 cases of cancer for every one lakh males and 139.1 cases for a lakh females every year. The average is 126.25, ahead of New Delhi (122.75) and Mumbai (104.75). The top cancers among men vary by area and include lung, stomach and Prostate cancer. For women, breast cancer is consistently the highest incidence rate; Cervix Uteri and ovarian cancer are second and third, respectively.

Esperer BioResearch is working towards standardising nutrition therapy guideline for cancer patients.

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