Mumuso expands in Bengaluru

Global Lifestyle Brand Mumuso,Opens their Second Outlet in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, June, 2019: Global Lifestyle Brand Mumuso, announced its expansion plans and continues its India growth story with the opening of their Second Outlet on First Floor of Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru. Mumuso is eyeing the Indian market aggressively with new stores in different parts of the country. The store was launched in presence of Mr Raunak Agarwal, Managing Director, Mumuso India and Franchise Owner Mr Maulik Shah and Mr Jiten Shah along with Marketing Head of Mumuso India Mr Anirban Kundu.

With a strong presence in over 30 countries across the world, the Global lifestyle brand Mumuso has entered into the Indian Market and plans to open around 300+ Stores by 2022 with an average of 80L to 1.2 crore which will be spent towards setting up these company-owned and franchise stores. The brand is planning to open outlets pan India with its market reach in cities likes Kolkata, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Durgapur, Chennai and so on.

Mumuso India — the Indian entity of Mumuso —whose offerings include accessories, stationery, small electronics and lifestyle items, sources these mostly from South Asian nations such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Korea. The brand entered the India market with its first store in Kolkata. India has seen a sharp rise in the demand for lifestyle products in the recent years. Mumuso has product categories from Health and Beauty, Fashion Home Accessories to Apparel Accessories, Digital Products and more. The products offered by the brand are not only beautiful, functional, high-quality and affordable but also provides relaxing and pleasant shopping experience to the customer.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raunak Agarwal, Managing Director, Mumuso India said, “Our expansion strategy is to set up 300+ outlets all over India along with entering the e-commerce market as online shopping has seen a big boost in India in recent years. We are also looking to source from Indian companies specially apparels and small leather products. The company will look to have 300-odd stores by mid-2022. India, being a fast emerging market for retail industry, we are expecting an escalated growth in a short span of time. Indian Market has a big potential, where we believe our creative range of products will enhance the rich experience of customers since it’s an international brand with high quality and valued pricing.”

Franchise Owner Mr Maulik Shah,said,“There has been a high demand for the trendy and affordable products as far as lifestyle is concerned in Bengaluru. People not only look forward to quality and style but also affordability. With Mumuso coming into the picture in our city, people won’t have to travel to different cities for their needs, but just walk into our showroom and get their products. Mumuso brand always adheres to the principle of selling products with reliable quality and affordable price, strictly observes to the borderline of high quality, strives to improve the upper limit of taste and price ratio and provides well-designed products, continuously optimizes the supply chain service system to reduce the cost, creating relaxing and light-hearted shopping experiences for consumers.”

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