Challenges in Water Resources Management and Associated Environmental Issues – KARNATAKA SENIOR ENGINEERS FORUM

Bengaluru, 28th june, 2019:

Due to various factors such as deforestation, effect of global warming, increasing population rhanization, industrialization and over exploitation of Ground Water without caring for recharge, declining rainfall from year to year in India as well as in many parts of the world severe pollution of surface water due to discharge of untreated sewage, the demand for water for domestic, agriculture and industrial purpose is increasing, causing severe depletion of ground water levels in many parts of the Country resulting in the reduced availability of Surface and ground water for all beneficial uses.

To remedy this situation, Capt. S. Raja Rao, Former Secretary, Environment & Minor Irrigation, Govt of Karnataka, Presently chairman, Environment and Power Technologies Pvt Ltd (EPTPL) and Karnataka Senior Engineers Forum has prepared a comprehensive paper covering technical, environmental, legal and administrative angle relating to management of water resources and associated environmental issues in the Country.

In this paper, the Author has made 35 suggestions concerning improvements to the availability of surface and groundwater, Issues directly affecting the farmers, suggestions for providing relief during drought, cheap solar power generation along foreshore of major reservoirs environmental issues to be addressed in Swachh Bharath campaign, including precautions to be taken in linking of rivers, legal issues concerning interstate rivers and so on.

“This report has been submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Ji as well as various ministers and MPs and concerned central & state department heads. These suggestions will be useful to all the state governments to increase the income of farmers, increase the availability of surface and ground water, in providing UGD System and STP to all urban areas farmer-friendly land acquisition, farmer oriented policy for mega lift irrigation schemes, so as to double the farmers income by 2022 as announced by Hon’ble Prime minister of India.

All state governments and the entire population of India must take stringent measures such as rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, comprehensive water shed development in the entire country, waste water treatment and recycling and economize water in every activity of water use. Otherwise, severe water shortage will occur in immediate near future and India in general and south India in particular will be the next “capetown” in the making he warned.

Government of India should critically examine the 35 suggestions made and provide 100% financial assistance in the next 5 years in every budget to the state governments so as to realize the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister by 2022.

— Capt.S.Raja Rao

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