On the first anniversary of the historic judgment of the Supreme Court on 6th September 2018 on decriminalizing homosexuality, Like the entire country celebrates August 15 as Independence Day, September 6 is the Freedom Day for people of the LGBTQ community. Taking one step at a time the LGBTQ Community won the battle, after years of struggle.

Members of the LGBTQ community and groups celebrate this day and month as historical day in the life of LGBT communities here on 11th September 2019Swatantra and Jeeva organization who works for the LGBTQ rights-based organization with community celebrating the first anniversary of the historic judgement of the Supreme Court decriminalizing homosexuality. We the community members gathering at Bangalore press club and discussed changes that had taken place since Section 377 was struck down last year as the objective of the event.

“The changes that have taken place since last year are actual leaps. People have started talking about thee issues, many have come out of the closet without fear and there are more and more people coming to support the LGBTQ community with open arms. Though the stigma is still there, people have started accepting the community.

As part way forward we need more conversations and awareness on the Section377, Last year when the judgement came out, for the first few hours, our reaction was very academic. And then the emotional significance of it hit, which was a very overwhelming feeling.

We also understand the things have changed in the last year, in the sense that, people are openly accepting of the queer community. Many from the community have come out to their families and in their workplaces. There are certainly more open conversations about the LGBTQ community that are happening now.

But broadly, when talking about social acceptance and the rights and privileges the community has, we don’t see much of a change. The police have not been sensitized and the government has to do something as per the Supreme Court judgement. Many doctors still consider homosexuality a disease and think that it is abnormal, but we also must take responsible to make large awareness to the larger society on the acceptances of the judgement.

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