“Novozymes” Denmark based enzyme producer working on eco-friendly detergents

Novozymes’s R&D center in Bangalore was established in 2006, and today with nearly 100 R&D and application scientists, it has now grown into a key center for global discovery and applications within the company. The R&D laboratory has established top notch competency in protein (enzyme) engineering enabling development of next generation enzyme/products for global customers across different industries.
Novozymes supports >30 different industries with biological solutions (enzymes and microbes). The industry players are constantly innovating to address the changing needs of their customers and consumers, and Novozymes works closely with such industries to support the changing needs in the market place. The most recent innovation from the Bangalore lab is a new enzyme product that makes it easier for liquid detergent global customers to remove stubborn laundry stains, in a more specific manner and in a sustainable way.
The protein engineering team in Bangalore develops and optimizes enzyme molecules, customized for specific customer applications, and works closely with other global sites at Novozymes, including Denmark, China and the U.S., for further enzyme product development, including, upscaling, fermentation and recovery, and formulation development, to commercialize enzymes into global products such as the new Mannaway®.
It is an enzyme for household care industry with expert stain removal technology designed for global markets. Mannaway 200 L is an exceptionally tough mannanase, that excels in these tough environments. It breaks down the guar and locust bean gums that are used as thickeners and stabilizers in a wide variety of foods. Food stains containing these gums are difficult to remove and leave sticky.
Novozymes’ purpose and long-term targets are inspired by the SDGs. Novozymes spokesperson said, “The sustainable nature of our solutions means that we contribute to achieving the SDGs every day. We assess the potential impact on the SDGs for all the projects in our innovation pipeline. This enables us to advance solutions that have the potential to have a high impact on the SDGs. In 2018, Novozymes set up the SDG Governance Board made up of members of our senior leadership team, to build a shared understanding of SDG opportunities and risks, and to ensure that this knowledge is embedded in corporate strategy and targets. The SDG Governance Board consists of an Impact Board and a Foundation Board.”

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