Beyond exams – Students explore future at Career Uttsav 2019

Attitude is key to summit of success and parents should allow their children to cultivate proper attitude and encourage passion: International Life Coach Gaur Gopal Das

BENGALURU: Career Uttsav, India’s premier educational meet celebrated 7th edition of its annual event on Saturday in city with inaugural talk of positivity, clarity and informative by Spiritual Guru and International Life Coach Gaur Gopal Das, for both parents and anxious students.

Thousands of students came with their parents to explore options and opportunities available for their further studies and professional life. They were equipped by Career Uttsav 2019 by bring different institutions under one roof and also by giving a guidebook ‘Career After +2 – 100+ Options to Choose’.

Career Uttsav is like Aladdin’s cave – full of treasure of information for students and parents. What will you discover in the treasure cave of Career Uttsav 2019? It is better explained by CEO and Founder of Career Uttsav, Sripall D Jain. “Career Uttsav is for PU students. They get insight into various career streams which will help them in choosing a career at 18 seminars. Students also interact with 60+ Universities and Colleges at the uttsav,” Jain said.

Additional benefits for the students are Psychometric Test to understand what careers will be most suited for them and mock CET/NEET tests.

Options mean challenges and Spiritual Guru and International Life Coach Gaur Gopal Das prepared the students to face their future, options and opportunities with an uplifting talk. Gopal Das stressed on instilling firm attitude and passion in nearly 2-hour talk. “Attitude is the key and achievements are only a consequence. Discover your passion, practice and put your heart out into it. You will then definitely find ways to have your passion become your profession, while money, respect and laurels follow.”

Holding different colours of gas filled balloons, he said to soar high one needs inner power of attitude, hard work, passion to excel through constant practice. It is like the gas inside the balloons and the outside makeup of a person does not matter.

Perhaps, supporting the independent thinking notion of young generation, he said parents should be loving facilitators. “Parents must not enforce their choices on children. As parents your responsibility is to facilitate your child to discover their passion and motivate them,” the spiritual guru said.
Career Uttsav 2019 is underway at NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bengaluru and will conclude on Sunday, 1st December 2019. Admission is on pre-registration, students can visit and register for free.

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