Nestaway expands in Bengaluru; grows by 200% in the last one year

* Number of Nestaway homes have increased by 200% in the last one year

* We have over 500 single women staying at Nestaway homes in Bengaluru

* To ensure safety of their tenants, Nestaway has launched smart locks across 2,000+ homes in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 17 December 2019: Nestaway Technologies, India’s largest managed home rental company today announced their expansion in Bengaluru by 200% in the last one year. Nestaway currently has 20,000+homes, 40,000+ tenants and 1,000+ Affiliate partners in Bengaluru. The occupancy rate of 85% in Bengaluru showcases the wide acceptance of Nestaway homes in the city. To ensure safety of its tenants, from 100 homes in Bangalore, Nestaway has expanded its smart locks services across 2,000+ homes in Bengaluru. Smart Lock is a safety locking system that will ensure security and will be available on Nestaway app on both Android & iOS devices. The company plans on introducing the smart lock services in all our new homes.

“Bengaluru has always been our home since this is where we started out first. I am extremely thrilled to see how we have grown over the years and what the city has been able to offer us. At Nestaway, we are constantly trying to build a social platform to include all stakeholders of the home rental market – owners, tenants, and intermediaries, or as we call them Affiliate partners, providing our customers a seamless and transparent process all along. Having started out as a small company with 4-5 employees, we are now a family of 75,000+ tenants, in 40,000+ homes, 1000+ employees across 15 cities. This is a big achievement and we are looking forward to celebrating more milestones like this – together as a family,” said-Ismail Khan, Chief Business Officer, Nestaway Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Nestaway helps the owners with all the owner-related activities, like tenant verification, house maintenance, and on-time rent guarantee. Apart from this, Nestaway also uses Automated Dispute Resolution in order to solve any issues that may arise between the tenant and the owner. “When we decided to rent out our home, like any other house owner, we wanted someone who will look after it like theirs. Of course, receiving rents on-time has always been a major challenge and we were looking at alternatives. But with Nestaway, everything changed! I not only receive my rent on-time but our tenants also take good care of the property that we have nothing to worry about. This would not have been possible without Nestaway’s services.” said Farooq Rizwan, an owner at Nestaway Technologies who has registered around 14 houses with Nestaway.

Nestaway is also working towards solving some of the most pressing issues in the country, such as discrimination faced during house hunting, and safe homes for single women. Nestaway has a strict policy that no owner can discriminate based on gender, caste, religion, lifestyle habits, among others. Safety is a major concern and one of Nestaway’s core focus areas, the company is also working towards housing for single women to ensure a safe environment for women migrants in India. In fact according to a recent survey by Nestaway, for 49% of women, safety was the biggest concern before moving to a new city.

Rose who calls Nestaway her home said, “When you move to a new city, everything about the whole process scares you. The city, the food, the language, it is all something that you need to get used to. It is hard to stay away from your family, but even harder to go through an excruciating interview process with house owners about your lifestyle, food habits, family details etc. With NestAway, all of that was simple. The entire process was hassle-free and the only thing that mattered was that I felt at home. NestAway indeed found me my home away from home!”

For the Affiliate Partners, Nestaway provides them with the opportunity to set up entrepreneurial ventures of their own, with a large number of partners running home servicing and maintenance agencies. Nestaway also provides affiliate partners with incentives ranging from cash to Royal Enfield Motorbikes and even gold coins, for meeting monthly targets. From homemakers to IT professionals and travel agents, these Affiliate Partners come from diverse backgrounds.

Anil Kumar M who was a cab driver before joined Nestaway’s Affiliate Partners network in July 2015 and has on-boarded more than 500 homes still now. With 10 technicians working with him round-the-clock, Anil has taken up the responsibility to handle service and maintenance requests for homes in Bannerghatta Road, Kengeri, Jayanagar, Banashankari, and complete South West zone. “After joining Nestaway, I have become more stable economically and I am able to provide all my family needs without any worry. I proudly call myself an entrepreneur now, thanks to Nestaway” he said speaking about his experience with Nestaway.”

Nestaway Technologies was started in 2015, and has more than 75,000+ tenants, and 40,000+ homes in their network. Nestaway till date has raised $109.2 million in funding by investors such as Tiger Global, IDG Ventures, Ratan Tata, Yuri Milner, and Goldman Sachs. Nestaway has its presence across fifteen cities – Bengaluru, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad and Mumbai among others. Nestaway has recently set foot in the co-living and student housing space with the launch of Hello World in September, 2019.

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