Withdraw Anti-Constitutional, Anti-National and Anti-people Laws Assault on the Constitution Not Acceptable, Raise Voice Against Cruelties, if ignoring now, never wi!l be allowed to rise! Hanif Ahrar

We the people of India reject and reject CAA,NRC and NPR because of these laws are Anti- Constitutional against the Article 5,10,14,15 and 21 and divisive of people of India in the name of religions thus these laws will ruin the Democracy, hence Anti-democratic to snatch the citizenship right from Indian Citizens and in pace of them toward citizenship to foreigners. These laws are targeting Muslims today but tomorrow Christians, then Communist and thereafter Atheist to make them all slaves of FASCISTS Forces after changing the identity of every religion & Culture to push the India into Common Civil Code. CAA passage has made India a land insane anti-Muslim atmosphere is being created everywhere with same insanity across the country by these TRAITORS of India of sovereign character. Those who are supporting blindly these draconian laws would be weeping tomorrow when their coming generations will face the consequences. It’s the high time to rethink upon all such HAVOCKS being brought everyday will have no option left. After that Anti-People NRC is brought and wrongly justified, the CAA implemented and from back door entry NPR is brought for NRC to disturb the peace of the country. Those protesting against Anti-Constitutional, Anti-National and Anti-People Laws are facing atrocities of all kind for raising voices of Dissent democratically and peacefully have been suppressed by Lathis and bullets of Police. Everybody in the world has seen unlawful actions like Traitors the goons and Police made in UP recently, the loyalists of Britishers in Freedom fight, Savarkar and Golwalkar were ruining the secular and democratic fabric of the country by passage of CAA the land of India is being made Anti-Muslim, Fscists, Resists and Hidutva forces are pushing Muslims into a second class citizen of the country or Non-Citizen of India. Through these laws as a first step to change the Secular and Democratic country into an Authoritarian, Dictatorial, Resist and rather through laws they are making India a hard core Anti-Muslim country. On the inciting of SanghPariwar the BJP has pushed the country on dangerous path. By demonetization they caused death of 150 innocent people. On imposing GST they have made crores of people particularly youths jobless. These who elected them into Power, have started to make laws against themselves. In the first instance they passed a legislation allowing homosexuality in the country like India against all religions and cultures. Then passed the living relationship with married women law. After that against the constitution passed TrippleTalaq law, then absurdly write off 370 and 35-A of J&K dividing the state into three pieces and talked about Akhand Bharat. Then 500 years old Babri Masjid judgment beyond natural justice was made by the SC which brought a bad name to the country at global level. To make atrocities on its own people has become the identity of BJP Govt. Just see the recent state of ASSAM, Mangalore and UP recent happenings from which nobody is happy. From every nook and corner of the country strong voice of dissent are coming up as the evidences every person even a child is not left who has not registered protest against these decisions of theirs and will be ready to strive hard till these laws are retracted by democratic and lawful fighting.

Our Demands are :

1. Anti-Constitutional, Anti-National and Anti-people laws CAA, NRC and NPR be RETRACTED, 2. Stop crushing peaceful democratic protests against CAA, NRC and NPR, 3. People’s organizations formed with fundamental rights and activists be not targeted with false and fabricated allegations. 4. Curfew, raids and forceful arrest and custody are wrongful atrocities of abusing powers by anybody be stopped. 5. Night raids in the houses to terrorize children, women, elder and intentional destruction of properties by police be dis-continued. 6. Withdraw all the false and fabricated cases against the protesters and non-protesters who were arrested from even road sides. 7. Release all arrested protesters taken into forceful custody and later on implicated with mollified intention to create terror. 8. Suitable compensation be given to killed and injured by police atrocities and liability of those erring officers/officials be fixed. 9. The Police officers by instigation of any authority be booked for suitable legal and disciplinary action for abusing their powers. 10. The incidences of Police firing and other atrocities by them be judicially inquired to frame them for their misdeeds. With these issues we all the citizens of India demand that machinery of law must be specially vigilant during protest so that no outsider be allowed to play with unlawful role and blame upon protesters.

Mufti Hanif Ahrar Qasmi (National General Secretary, All India Imams Council) Maulana Jafar Sadiq Faizy (National Secretary, All India Imams Council) Maulana Ateequr Rahman Ashrafi (State President, All India Imams Council Karnataka) Maulana Ibraheem Siddigi (State Gen Secretary, Al India Imams Council Karnataka) Were present in the Press meet.

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