National Geographic launches #SaveTogether campaign; to highlight 50 at risk species with 50 day-long dedicated wildlife programming

National Geographic’s Earth Day #SaveTogether campaign aims to take an affirmative action to help conserve the world’s most iconic and endangered creatures across the globe

From iconic photographs to remarkable expeditions, wildlife conservation is the centerpiece at National Geographic since its inception, 132 years ago. Through trailblazing research and powerful storytelling, National Geographic has been shining light on the importance of wildlife conservation. On this World Wildlife Day (03 March, 2020), National Geographic is launching the Earth Day #SaveTogether campaign that will highlight 50 at-risk species facing extinction, and increase wildlife conservation efforts to protect them for next 50 years. Through this 50-day long campaign, National Geographic will showcase dedicated wildlife programming linked to animal conservation for the next 50 days, at 8pm from March 4 till 50th anniversary of the Earth Day on April 22. Special programs such as India’s Jungle Heroes, The Real Black Panther and Wild Cats of India will be a part of the 50-day marathon. From following researchers deep into the realm of the rare clouded leopard, exploring the story of Saya- the Black Panther in the deep forests of Kabini, to witnessing the efforts of conservationists in rescuing animals in distress across different parts of India, these programs will take viewers on unforgettable journeys into the wild world.

On the advent of an intensifying climate crisis perturbing the wildlife across the globe, the current climate conditions are an eye-opener for us to stop, think and address the issue. While according to an estimate more than one billion mammals, birds and reptiles have lost their lives during the Australian bushfires, the number of fires in the Amazon rainforest has increased by 30.5% and deforestation by 85% in 2019. World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the incalculable value of wildlife and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that their conservation provides to people with the help of National Geographic Society’s researchers, experts, scientists conducting on-ground research and conservational practices to preserve places—and the species that depend on them. Through this campaign, National Geographic will create awareness and galvanize people to work towards animal conversation.

Commenting on the campaign, Vice President and Head, Content & Marketing at National Geographic India, Mr. Pawan Soni states, “Today, the young audiences are inclined towards brands with a purpose. At National Geographic, it is our mission to raise awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation & explore our vital, enriching and ultimately humanizing connection with the animal world. By supporting young wildlife conversationalists across India and globe in conducting critical scientific research, fieldwork, and the development and

deployment of innovative conservation solutions, we are raising awareness about animal welfare and conservation.”

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