Reinvent constitution for the vulnerable section of India

Balance & inclusion in society possible through the Constitution: Legal luminary

BENGALURU: Taking cognizance of the increasing role of the judiciary in the enforcement of rule of law, noted legal luminary Dr. Shashikala Gurpur today pointed out that balance and inclusion in society can be achieved through the Constitution also.

“The Supreme Court in its recent judgement on privacy issues has brought in the notion of inclusion of the vulnerable sections of society,” she said as an example of what can be accomplished by the rule of law. “The Indian Constitution is proactive, facilitative and preventive in its nature of functioning,” added Dr. Gurupur, a former member of the Law Commission of India and Professor of Law & Director, Symbiosis Law School Pune.

Speaking at National Seminar on Recent Trends in Constitutional Law organised by the CMR University’s School of Legal Studies, Dr. Gurpur, sought to enlarge the interpretation of Article 21 of the Constitution to tackle issues of subtle sexism and hostility towards women.

She exhorted the CMR students to become lawyers to help the vulnerable people like the old and the aged, the trauma survivors, mental health patients, homeless and the victims of abuse, indirectly hinting that law students were increasingly inclined towards corporate law sector.

Sharing similar views, Dr Dilip Ukey, Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra National Law University, in his keynote address said that India had to function as a social democracy and not just legal democracy if the nation wanted to empower its population.

The School of Legal Studies also released its first edition of CMR University Journal for Contemporary Legal Affairs in the presence of Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, Director of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad and Dr MS ShivaKumar, Vice Chancellor of CMR University.

The journal has incisive discussions on subjects like ‘Women’s rights as human rights: A dynamic approach towards gender justice’ by Dr Ishwara Bhat, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University.

For more information, please contact:
Sreenidhi KR, Asst. Professor, CMR Law School Bangalore

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