Force Motors ‘Mobile Dispensary’ treats 27,066 patients, eases pressure on the Healthcare fraternity in Karnataka against the COVID 19 battle

  • “Doctor at Your Doorstep” initiative treats 27,066 patients in 28 days through the mobile dispensary  
  • Checked and referred over 34 suspected COVID—19 patients to the government hospitals across Karnataka

Bengaluru, 4th May 2020: Presently, there is immense pressure on the doctors and medical staff due to increasing positive cases daily. To address this issue, automotive major Force Motors in association with the Bhartiya Jain Sanghatan has initiated a mobile doorstep dispensary facility “Doctor at Your Doorstep” in Karnataka.

This initiative started on 07th April, with Mobile Dispensary Vans completely equipped with doctors, support staff, medicines moving to various economically weaker localities in Bijapur as per a pre-intimated schedule. Further, 24 mobile dispensaries has been treating people every day in other cities in Karnataka.  The team of doctors and medics with these vans are fully equipped to identify COVID-19 symptoms and directly infected suspect cases to the designated hospitals.  

All the medicines that are prescribed or given out on free of charge basis. Mobile units can check 2,500 people every day and can examine the symptoms of around 500 patients in a day. Doctors in the vans monitor patients for cold and flu conditions and also inform patients about preventive measures to be taken against coronavirus spread. Over 27,066 residents have been checked and more than 34 suspected COVID-19 patients were transferred to government hospitals in the last 28 days. This service will continue until Coronavirus is fully contained.

Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors said “COVID 19 has created huge pressure on doctors and medical staff. We are proud to be associated with this noble initiative”.

He further added “Apart from this initiative our group (Dr. Abhay Firodia Group) has earmarked Rs 25 Crores to support COVID-19 relief activities. This deployment will be aimed at supporting upgradation of health care infrastructure, enhancing blood collection capability, facilitating mobile clinic/testing capabilities and providing free food to the needy”.

The citizens, as well as the local administration, have welcomed this initiative and Force Motors have already extended this initiative to other key markets like Baijapur, Bangalore & Mysore and others cities across Karnataka.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Shantilal Mutha, Founder BJS said, “The Firodia family has always wholeheartedly supported his organization’s social work initiatives, right from inception over three decades back”.

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