Healthium MedTech clocks its 3rd Innovation in 6 months with TRUSHIELD AMG – first of its kind Anti-Microbial gloves in India

Strengthens its support to an “Atmanirbhar India” by promoting indigenous technology on a global scale with 52 patents in India and the U.S   

28th May 2020, India: Healthium Medtech, one of the largest medical device companies in India, today announced the launch of the first of its kind Anti-Microbial Gloves, TruShield. Manufactured at Kunigal, Karnataka, these Anti-Microbial Gloves (AMGs) are made from a patented technology using a Quaternary Ammonium Compound that kills microbes and provides 99.99% protection for Healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients up to 8 hours.

The Anti-Microbial gloves are the 3rd Innovative launch for Healthium in the last 6 months. The company had launched Truglyde SN2355, a suture needles combination specially created for COMOC MG, an Innovative surgical technique to manage Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH), which is one of the largest causes for maternal mortalityHealthium also launched the largest shoulder range of Arthroscopic devices in India benefitting Arthroscopy surgeons through simplified and functional patented designs. The Company holds 52 patents in India and the U.S.    

Speaking on the occasion, Anish Bafna, Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Healthium said, We constantly endeavor to simplify for the medical fraternity through innovative precision based medical devices manufactured indigenously across our 5 facilities in India. 85%of medical devices in India are imported. As an Indian player delivering to global standards with US FDA (510k), CE and ISO approvals and 52 patents in India and U.S, we are working relentlessly to reduce the dependence on imported technology and support a self-reliant (Atmanirbhar) India. With the launch of Trushield AMG, we would like to further protect the hands that save lives

The surgical gloves available today, do not provide complete protection as they merely act as a passive barrier. Doctors are at particular riskbecause their work demands close contact with patients who may be harboring pathogenic microbes.

Breaching of gloves during surgery when unnoticed by the operating surgeons brings an occult risk to the surgeon as well as the patients. Even the efficacy of scrubbing before surgery begins to fade in 3 hours and post 5 hours into surgery, contamination reaches pre-scrub levels. This makes both surgeons and patients vulnerable.

Speaking at the Launch, Dr Ashok Moharana, Chief Medical Officer at Healthium Medtech said, “Studies have shown that Surgical Site Infections account for 15% of all Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) and 37%of HAI in surgical patients, putting patients at risk. On the other hand, over 45% Surgeons’ gloves get breached mostly on non-dominant hands and only 25%notice the puncture during surgery, bringing an occult risk for HCPs. Enhancing protection from contact transmission for an extended duration is an unmet need today and to address this, we have launched TRUSHIELD Anti-microbial gloves. With a novel mechanism of action, this is an effective solution that protects both HCPs and patients against a range of microbes. TRISHIELD AMG is non-leaching and offers 99.99% microbicidal protection lasting up to 8 hrs.”

Ehsan Huq, SVP – Commercial, Healthium Medtech said, “Collaboration is a core value at Healthium; launching TRUSHIELD AMG during the lockdown validates our commitment to partner with surgeons and their patients in successful outcomes. Improving access is our vision; TRUSHIELD AMG is supported by the Healthium team and available through our extensive distribution footprint, covering in excess of 500 towns and cities in India.”

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