IDFC Mutual Fund #DateyRaho Campaign Thanks Investors For Staying Invested

July 07, 2020: At a time when the world was in lockdown mode going through a tough phase and the financial markets are in turmoil; most investors were worried about the state of their current investments and how they will perform in the future. However, savvy investors decided to ‘Stay Smart & Stay Invested’. IDFC Mutual Fund announced the second video ( under the #DateyRaho campaign. The relevant and relatable video is an initiative taken by IDFC Mutual Fund to acknowledge these investors for their tenacity to fight.

Gaurab Parija, Head – Sales & Marketing, IDFC AMC, highlighted that “Investors are often susceptible to behavioural biases, especially when the market is in turmoil. Compared to earlier crises, this time, we saw that investors decided to stay invested evident through the relatively steady SIP book numbers, indicating a maturing Indian investor community. AMFI, Mutual Fund Houses and distribution partners have played a key role in hand-holding investors during this uncertain phase.” 

The #DateyRaho campaign, launched in May 2020 posted its first video (Hindi: and English: thanking distributors for the role they played in advising investors. To support these distributor partners further, IDFC Mutual Fund aims to augment their knowledge about products, the industry and financial markets with up to date information. Additionally, learning and customer research are shared with the distribution partners to help them deal with behavioural biases.

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