safety and hygiene through fumigation centers across India, including Bengaluru

With industries resuming operations and citizens settling into the idea of new normal, there is an increased demand for safe and high-quality mobility options. While players in the space are pulling no stops to ensuring a safe ride, Ola has committed Rs. 500 Cr towards multiple safety initiatives as part of the ‘Ride Safe India’ movement with fumigation centers being at the centre of it. These have been set up across Bengaluru and other Ola operational cities, where all Ola vehicles are thoroughly disinfected every 48 hours, free of cost.

Located at major hubs and airports, these fumigation centers enable drivers to access quality sanitization services and have their vehicles thoroughly deep-cleaned free of cost. While drivers wait for their vehicles to be deep-cleaned, a team of dedicated Ola executives carry out health and well-being checks of these driver-partners. 

The process is being replicated across all designated Ola fumigation centres in Bengaluru with all processes operating like clockwork. The company announced that it has set up a network of 500+ fumigation centres across the country and its operations are running in over 200 Indian cities.

Anand Subramanian, Spokesperson at Ola, said “Ola’s fumigation centres are a strategic solution to combat all safety and hygiene-related concerns shared by our customers and driver-partners. While we have resumed our operations across the country, our network of fumigation centres plays an important role in assuring a high quality ride for the passengers.”

Through modules and certifications, Ola has trained its drivers to ensure safety with all cabs part of the platform continuing to drive the ‘5 layers of safety’ across all rides, which requires both driver-partners and passengers to compulsorily wear masks, regular health checks for driver-partners and sanitization of high touch surfaces before every ride. 

S Manjunath Rao, an Ola driver-partner from Bengaluru said, “Before mobility services resumed, Ola provided us with training and information to ensure the safety of the customer and myself. We have been told to fit plastic screens to reduce risk and can also get masks, sanitisers and cleaning equipment when our cabs are getting fumigated at these centres without any hassles. With the fumigation centres set up across the city, it is an easy process and I also make it a point to get my health checked.”

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