The benefits of induction cooking

The benefits of induction cooking By:
Dinesh Garg, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, TTK Prestige.

Are you in the market for a new cooktop? If so, you are spoilt for choice, with a vast array of options. Today, there existsmultiple ways to cook food- be it a gas stove, electric hob or an induction cooktop. However, the induction cooking methodology is perhaps one of the most modern and exciting ways to prepare a variety of dishes to suit every single home cook.
It is said that the induction cooking has revolutionized the entire cooking process, with its safe, energy-efficient and power saving features. But before we get into the multitude of benefits that induction cooking provides, let us delve deep into what makes this option, different compared to the others. The induction cooking methodutilizes electromagnetic currents, which only heats the saucepan, leaving the rest of the area and cooktop cool. This process offers a plethora of benefits, which are listed below:
Energy efficient: Due to the fact that the heat is directly focused on the pan, there is less wastage of power. This makes induction cooking far more efficient than traditional methods.
Speed: No longer do you have to spend hours slaving over a hot stove every day. Induction cooking dramatically speeds up the cooking process as the heat is directly channelled to the pan. You have more control over the heat and food gets cooked a lot faster.
Safety: Induction cooktops don’t emit gas in the air. Best of all, dishcloths don’t catch fire because it only heats items with iron particles in it. There is also no fear of accidently leaving the cooktop on, as the heat is removed once the saucepan or pot is removed from the cooktop.
Easy to clean: For home cooks, this is perhaps the best feature, as it involves very little cleaning time. Because only the pan gets hot, any spillage on the surface of the induction cooktop can be immediately wiped with a cloth after cooking and there is zero chance of it getting crusty and embedded into the cooktop. With one quick wipe, any bit of food can be removed, without having to scrub or use any cleaning products.
Cool environment: Kitchens have the tendency to become very hot. However, the induction cooktop tends to create a much cooler environment as energy doesn’t escape into the air and is reserved solely to heat up the pan directly.

Since the induction cooktop does not require gas, there is no hassle of having to keep track of when your gas cylinder is going to get over or order new ones. Induction cooktops are designed to take away the hassle of cooking and leave you with a lot more leisure time. The trick is in cooking smart – which is what you will be able to do with an induction cook-top.

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