Unisys Cloud 20/20™ Contest Opens Registration for 12th Year

Student Innovation Program (SIP) and Targeted Innovation Program (TIP) challenge students to apply cutting-edge technology in designing solutions

BENGALURU and BLUE BELL, Pa., September 18, 2020 – Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that registration is open for the 12th edition of Cloud 20/20™, the company’s annual flagship technical project competition for engineering students across India.

Established in 2009, the contest enables students to develop career-ready technical and soft skills by applying their theoretical knowledge in using innovative technologies to solve real problems. 

The contest is open to research students, postgraduates, pre-final and final-year engineering students in computer science, information technology and other related streams. The contest comprises two primary programs:

  • The Student Innovation Program (SIP) challenges students to use emerging technologies for original and creative solutions to problems they have defined themselves.
  • The Targeted Innovation Program (TIP), introduced in 2019, tasks students with solving specific business problems that Unisys and its clients and industry partners submit.

“We are proud that for more than a decade Unisys has provided a strong and stable platform for college and university students to connect effectively with the IT industry,” said K Nageswara Rao, vice president, Unisys Asia Pacific Engineering, Products and Platforms. “The Cloud 20/20 competition not only serves as the stepping stone to the professional world for students, but also helps them establish connections with the business community and gives Unisys access to great ideas and technical thinking as well.”

Both the TIP and SIP programs offer students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, faculty and Unisys mentors, who provide them with guidance and expertise in the run-up to the competition.

Cloud 20/20 has motivated students to work on innovative projects in cloud-based applications and microservices, cloud computing infrastructure, security and multimodal biometrics, among other advanced disciplines. With close to 50,000 individual member registrations since 2009, the event is one of India’s most anticipated technical contests for engineering students.    

“The Cloud 20/20 contest keeps getting bigger and better every year,” said Sumed Marwaha, managing director, Unisys India and regional vice president, Services. “The 11-year record of innovation, superior learning quotient for students and participation by Unisys clients and partners and relevant industry bodies combine to make Cloud 20/20 a much-awaited event for both the industry and academia. We look forward to another successful edition of Cloud 20/20 – an event that truly celebrates the spirit of innovation and collaboration.”

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